Social Media Dictates Normalcy

Social media. Two words which have become highly influential in today's world. If we look around, we can see that right from children up to the aged, almost everyone uses social media. It wouldn't be strange to say that it has become one of the necessities in life.  As much as we can laud the… Continue reading Social Media Dictates Normalcy

A Picture Worth Thousand Words

"A picture is worth a thousand words." This picture is a harsh blow to humanity. For the uninitiated. What this picture is trying to convey is that humans have crossed their limits. How can we be so cruel and heartless? As shown in the picture, the man fells the tree and drives away the birds… Continue reading A Picture Worth Thousand Words

A Lesson Learnt

Haven't we read or heard or seen some message about saving the Earth by using water prudently? Be it in newspapers, magazines, articles, journals and even the television, this message is tirelessly spread. Do you really think it has proved to be of any use? Think about it for a moment. All right, let me… Continue reading A Lesson Learnt

That Girl (A Poem)

[Image Source: Google] Deep thoughts run through her As she pens them down A person possessed - she looks like Feelings, emotions Pour down in ink Her passion, her desire - are they Words flow out Like a gushing waterfall She stops, looks at her creation Then a smile of satisfaction Across her face spreads.