A Vacation To Remember

Hello there! 

I’m finally done with my Bachelors of Commerce examinations! And so, my parents took me to Mumbai to visit my paternal relatives.  

That’s what this blog post is all about. 

Commonly, people travel for business/professional purposes, for pleasure, to seek adventure, to explore new places, and of course, to take a break from their monotonous daily routines. All these do wonders to your moods, perhaps make you more cheerful and soothe your minds. Today, ‘solo trips/adventures’ are on a constant rise. We meet strangers in equally strange places, and try to get to know about their cultures and customs. However, there is something amiss in all of these: Cherishing the time we get with our own families.

As days go by, we are more into being in relationships of convenience, be it to get work done or otherwise. True and transparent relationships are a rare sight, at present. Where am I heading to by saying all this? The post as follows explains it all.

This vacation, for me, was absolutely fulfilling. I met some of my relatives after a long time (some as long as eight years!), which made it all the more worthwhile. We bonded over old memories, funny instances, discussions about other family members and everything else under the sun. It was such an eye-opener for me to realize what I was missing out on – hearty conversations. The best part was that there was no sort of awkwardness. It was as if we started from where we had left off. 

Something else that struck me was how our mindset grows with age. I had been a kid the last time I met a few of my relatives and hence, never understood them well enough. This time around, it was all crystal clear to me. I managed to know their daily struggles, likes and dislikes. All this made me respect them more, and also be grateful for having them in my life.

Apart from this, we also explored the “City of Dreams too.” I got a glance of the daily routines of “Mumbaikars” and how they stay happy with whatever they have. It’s amazing how they do their work with so much of joy and enthusiasm! While travelling in a pre-booked cab, I was astonished to see people younger than me happily walking alone, or by public transport, without any sort of hesitation. Some people stay in tiny, old buildings and yet, they remain unaffected by it all. They were happy with whatever life had to offer to them! That made me wonder on how complicated we make life to be, it really isn’t. 

The markets, especially the vegetable markets, were pure eye candy. Contrary to my belief that towns like mine have fresher produce, Mumbai markets are well-stocked with so many unimaginable varieties of vegetables and fruits. I was so engrossed in admiring them, that I forgot to click pictures ๐Ÿ˜›. So will have to make do with Google images. Sorry! 

[Image Source: http://photos.travellerspoint.com/227302/large_Fruit_Stal..__India.jpg] 

Also, I watched a play for the first time in my life, all thanks to one of my awesome cousins. It was a breath-taking experience, seeing people perform right before your eyes. It’s fascinating to see their acting prowess, and nothing like I ever seen before. Theater actors, I must admit, are highly underrated and highly talented. Everyone MUST experience watching a play live, at least once in their lifetime. Tee hee, I even got to see a few well-known actors in the audience.

We explored some lesser known places (at least to me) in Mumbai, which was a wonderful breather from the same old places we see or hear about. Each has its own aura and feel. Some places were breath-taking beyond words! The marine drive and Bandra-Worli sea link are “jaw-drop” worthy. 

[Image Source: http://www.global-gallivanting.com/things-mumbai/%5D

Mumbai is called a “City of Dreams” for the very reason that everyone who goes there, has some aspiration in his/her life. While seeking its fulfillment, somewhere along the way, you find yourself falling for the city’s charm.

And so, came to an end, my one-week holiday to “Amchi Mumbai”. It was a fabulous, satisfying, and productive trip for us. A trip which brings a smile on my face when I think of it, and which will bring out a sackful of lovely memories for a long time to come. 

I urge you to visit your relatives and dear ones more frequently. There’s nothing more satisfying and beautiful as this is.  

Stay Blessed!

19 thoughts on “A Vacation To Remember

  1. Great post. I like your style of writing . . . Simple n effective. . . . . Waiting for next post


  2. Great post. I like your style of writing . . . Simple n effective. . . . . Waiting for next post


  3. Nice Write up ! I went to Mumbai with my parents in 1998 …to be honest it was overwhelming….traffic, people etc. I am glad you had a great time. Catching up with people who love you is one of the best things …Good luck and wishing you the best !


  4. Nicely written. Liked the part about how our mindset changes as we age๐Ÿ‘Œ. Also the way its written provides a fresh new take on Mumbai !

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nicely written. Liked the part about how our mindset changes with age ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Also the way the content is written provides a fresh new take on Mumbai !


  6. Nicely written Chetu. Glad you liked your trip..the duration was key. Only when we spend a good amount of time that we can feel and gauge a place and itโ€™s people!

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  7. Yes, its good to meet the relatives often, otherwise even if you meet them , you may not identify them. Relationship has great value.

    Liked by 1 person

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