Respect: A Way of Life

If asked what is that ONE virtue that’s the most important in my life, my answer would undoubtedly be: RESPECT. Ever since we were kids, we have been taught to always respect elders, be it our parents, relatives, or teachers. And rightly so. I cannot thank my parents enough for reminding my brother and me… Continue reading Respect: A Way of Life

Serenity (A Poem)

I open my eyes  And what greets me is  The peace and the calm Like to my soul, a balm My ears perk up  The birds chirping,  I breathe deeply Inhale in the goodness The happy vibes. I stand by the window And feel the fresh air  A sense of joy,  Is what washes over… Continue reading Serenity (A Poem)

Tech Conversations with Mom 😁

Hello lovely readers! Technology has become such an inevitable part of our lives. I cannot even imagine a day without technology, but that’s because I grew up in the age of technology. But how do the older generations pursue it in their lives? Do they find it as useful or as addictive as we do?… Continue reading Tech Conversations with Mom 😁

Be Body Positive.

If there is a common goal on most of our resolutions list, it has to be “losing weight.” I am no different. I don’t even remember how many times it has appeared in my resolutions list and yet remained unfulfilled. But not last year. It all happened quite unconsciously. There I was, at the end… Continue reading Be Body Positive.