Tech Conversations with Mom 😁

Hello lovely readers! Technology has become such an inevitable part of our lives. I cannot even imagine a day without technology, but that’s because I grew up in the age of technology. But how do the older generations pursue it in their lives? Do they find it as useful or as addictive as we do? To answer my questions (and yours too), I decided to experiment with a Q&A type of blog post this time. I had a conversation with my mother about technology, and that’s what you will read in this blog post!
So here goes the conversation that ensued.
  1. Do you find technology to be a boon or a bane?
Technology is obviously a boon, provided it is used and utilized in a proper way.
“Technology” was just another word in the dictionary for me. Until a few years ago, I was ignorant about the computer, emails, net banking, etc., because I belong to the era of postcards, telegram, trunk calls, money order. These words may sound funny to the present generation, but we have enjoyed our life with all these facilities but now it looks so weird. Earlier days to exchange letters, it used to take weeks but due to technology now anything, like message, video calls, video conferencing, money transfer, and so much more can be done to any corner of this world. So in my opinion, technology is totally a boon.😁

  1. What is it that you find the most useful when it comes to technology?
Let me explain this by comparing our earlier days to the present day. The transition we have gone through is enormous.
As I have mentioned, earlier a letter which would take weeks to reach a person is now sent via emails and messages in seconds. To talk to a person in far of place, earlier we had to book trunk calls, whereas now because of technology, we can talk, see a person through video calls, Skype, FaceTime, anywhere in the world. 
Earlier to broadcast a piece of news, people had to depend on radio, newspaper, but now due to advanced technology, news spreads in seconds via social media.

  1. Which application do you use the most on your phone? And why?
When I started using my cellphone, this word “application” ( app😃) was something new to me. My cellphone was installed with few apps (now I have learnt to say this😂) and I was briefly explained how to use it, what are the do’s and don’t’s to be followed. The first app which I used was WhatsApp because my son was studying in a different place, away from home, and to keep in touch with him, this app was very helpful. (Since SMS was charged, I found this messaging app attractive 😁).
I use Pacer app, which tracks my steps, calories burnt, distance walked. I love this app. Since I love walking, I always keep my pacer app on when I walk.
Then my son gifted me a Mi band (fitness band) which tracks steps, calories burnt, distance, and it even tracks sleep. The best part is my cellphone is in sync with the fitness band and when I get a call or if I keep an alarm, it vibrates. Feels so good to enjoy this because of the latest technology.
Next is YouTube, which has taught me excellent hobby ideas. Instagram, cooking apps are apps where I get to learn a lot from.
The best app is Bhim UPI app, with this I transfer salary to my maid’s account without going to the bank.😀
Apps like Uber, Ola, Zomato, Swiggy, have become very useful apps which I use frequently.
Evernote and Google Keep have made me eco-friendly as I do my shopping list, things to do on my cellphone.
I feel this app train will go on and on and this has made me tech savvy.
(Here are some amazing pieces of art which my mother created, YouTube being her teacher. ☺️)

  1. Would you consider yourself tech-savvy?
Yes, I am proud to say I am Tech Savvy.
This transition from the one who was scared to use a cellphone and computers is now to a little extent a master of technology. 😁

  1. Can you recall any funny instances which happened while using technology?
There are so many funny instances.😂😂
The first time when we purchased a cellphone, the day I got a call and message, I was in a state of panic as I did not know how to use the cellphone and read the message. I went to pick my son from school who was studying in the fourth standard at that time. Luckily I found him in the playground and I slowly called him and told him that there was some sound and I don’t know what to do and he like an expert, ( though he too was new to using this cellphone), told me (actually taught me😆) how to use it.

  1. How has technology brought a change in your lifestyle?
Yes of course technology has a lot of influence in my lifestyle.
Banking, bill payment, online purchase, flight ticket booking, movie ticket, etc. can be done at any moment of the day. Technology is meant to simplify our lifestyle.
Technology has made me confident. I get to learn new things each and every second and if I have a look at the App Store on my phone, I still feel like there is a long way to go and to learn something new there is no age limit.
Learning something new always brings an exciting change to the boring, routine life and to prove this, I have been benefitted a lot by technology. I hope to learn more and more.
The credit of making me a “Tech-savvy mother” goes to my son 😍 and daughter.😍
I was thrilled to write about how technology has brought a change in my life. Sharing my views on this matter was really fun. 

So with that, this blog post comes to an end. Would you like me to write more such blog posts in the future? Do comment below, your views on technology.
Until next time, stay blessed!


6 thoughts on “Tech Conversations with Mom 😁

  1. Hi chethana a nice blog. Really technology has changed our life style and may be after few years when Ur children grow up you will be in your mother’s place adjusting yourself to the technology of that time. Tech is growing very very fast. Good blog.

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