Food For The Soul

Terribly Tiny Tales posts writing prompts on their app on a daily basis. I try my best to write on most of them, as they give me an opportunity to venture into writing something quite different from what I usually do. Yesterday's prompt was to write a letter to my favourite food. 🙂 What's your favourite… Continue reading Food For The Soul

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Hello lovely readers! One of the few people that I religiously follow on Twitter, Vishal Khandelwal, tweeted something a few months ago. Words of wisdom that hit me like a rock. The tweet read: "Competition with others is overrated. Avoid it. Competition with your younger self is underrated. Embrace it." Simple words, but astounding to… Continue reading Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Be The Artist Of Your Life

If you've been reading the blog posts on The Soulful Nib for a while now, you might have come across a few of them regarding my favourite movies. While there are a handful of movies which I absolutely adore, there is one specific movie which I can watch over and over again. In fact, if… Continue reading Be The Artist Of Your Life

The Beginning

Hello readers! Writing came into my life, bag and baggage, without any prior notice, approximately 7 years ago. Please do read the very first blog post on The Soulful Nib which talks about how I found my passion for writing: Writing: My Passion. There is a mention of a poem which I wrote on a whim… Continue reading The Beginning

Unwind. Relax. Reset.

Hello readers! It has been a bit more than 3 years since The Soulful Nib came to life. You have always read optimistic, motivating, and generally cheerful blog posts here. But not this one. This blog post is a reality check. There have been a couple of blog posts here about health (read: physical health)… Continue reading Unwind. Relax. Reset.

Inner Peace (Guest Post)

Hello readers!  It's been a while since a guest post featured on the blog. So here it is! A blog post by the Editor of The Soulful Nib (and also my elder brother). 🙂  Disclaimer: This post is just my reflection on this topic. It isn’t a sure-shot way of achieving inner peace. It’s just… Continue reading Inner Peace (Guest Post)

Toh Zinda Ho Tum

Hello readers! I love watching movies with an underlying message to convey. There are a select few movies which I absolutely adore re-watching a number of times. Since I love analysing everything, I find this activity to be therapeutic and enjoyable. On The Soulful Nib, I will occasionally write my take on some of my… Continue reading Toh Zinda Ho Tum