The Ego Has To Go: Why Transcending It Is Key To Living A Fulfilled Life

We require a good deal of confidence to meet our goals and fulfil our ambitions. Confidence is great indeed. To be confident means to have trust in our abilities. However, there is a thin line that separates confidence and ego. And once we cross that line, the sense of self-importance creeps up. When ego makes … Continue reading The Ego Has To Go: Why Transcending It Is Key To Living A Fulfilled Life

Climate Change is Real

Hello readers! The recent heatwave throughout the country has made it hard for us to go about our everyday lives at ease. The alarming rate at which the country is getting warmer and warmer, each passing day is shocking, to say the least. This wasn’t the case until a decade ago, was it? What happened, … Continue reading Climate Change is Real

Forever A Student

At the beginning of this year, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant and with that, I turned into a Professional. I was no longer a student. After the initial joy of finally making it through this course, I felt a small voice in my head saying, “You are not a student anymore!” “But I don’t … Continue reading Forever A Student

A Little More Kindness, A Little Less Judgement

Hi there! Imagine this situation. You are driving across a street and the car in front of you is driving too slowly. You somehow manage to overtake that car and look across to see who is driving. You see a lady and almost instantly you make a judgement: “Oh, a lady driver. No wonder she … Continue reading A Little More Kindness, A Little Less Judgement

Tech and Children

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a local shop. The shop-owner couple has a school-going child of around 8-9 years. While I was there, the kid was on a phone constantly watching some entertainment videos with little to no distance between her face and the phone. Her father who needed his phone at … Continue reading Tech and Children

Cooking for the Soul (Guest Post)

Hello everyone! It has been SO long since I had a guest post on the blog. And so here is a beautiful and heartfelt guest post by my dear mother. She has always loved to cook and I have always loved to eat what she cooks. 😄 Her journey from being a homemaker to a food … Continue reading Cooking for the Soul (Guest Post)

It’s Been A Great Start to 2023!

Happy New Year, dear readers! 🤍 In one of my recent blog posts Lessons Learnt while Doing CA, I mentioned studying to become a Chartered Accountant. And today it feels surreal to announce that I HAVE become one! Yes, it is CA Chetana Kamath writing this blog post! I have waited for this day for … Continue reading It’s Been A Great Start to 2023!

23 Things To Stop Doing in 2023

Another year has swiftly passed by and here we are, at the end of 2022. With the new year knocking on the door, billions of people are thinking of their new year's resolutions. Most common resolutions involve starting something new, like eating better, exercising, or reading more. There are also resolutions revolving breaking bad habits. … Continue reading 23 Things To Stop Doing in 2023

Courage is Grace under Pressure

A young boy had a severe stammering problem. He overcame this hurdle and worked tirelessly to get over the stammer. He grew up to become an advocate and one of the finest orators in India. His name was Nani Palkhivala. For all her life, my mother has dedicated every waking hour towards her family. Not … Continue reading Courage is Grace under Pressure