Hello! I’m Chetana.

A Music Buff. A Bibliophile. An Organisation Freak. A KonMari Enthusiast. A Minimalist. A Fitness Freak.
Writing is something I am highly passionate about. Just as people live to eat, I live to write.

I’m a CA student by the day and a creative monster by the night (hehe :D). I aim to become a writer, an entrepreneur, and a chartered accountant.

In this blog, you’ll find my musings, introspections, observations and occasionally, some poetry. I even review books on my Instagram page.

My Pinterest and Instagram pages will help you in staying updated about the new posts I put up on the blog. Also, if you love reading, do follow me on Goodreads!

I reside in the sweet and charming coastal city of Mangalore.

With that, welcome to my Blog! 🙂