Happiness Is A Choice

Hello lovely readers! I’ve always been fascinated with human behaviour. We truly are a unique kind. As it is mentioned in some of my previous blog posts, observing people around me keenly is something I cannot get enough of. Over the last year, I’ve been doing this a lot more. Introspecting and pondering over a… Continue reading Happiness Is A Choice

Headspace. (A Poem)

headspace /ˈhɛdspeɪs/ noun a person's state of mind or mindset. This poem is dedicated to the application that is ruling my heart and mind these days, Headspace. (not sponsored!) Image created via Canva

Try. Fail. Learn.

Life is bittersweet. While we all have (and deserve) our share of successes and accomplishments, we also cannot avoid failures. We are all conditioned to highlight all the good things that have happened in our lives. We lose no single opportunity to speak about what we have achieved and all the great experiences that we… Continue reading Try. Fail. Learn.

Lazy Afternoons (A Poem)

Image created via Canva