Lazy Afternoons (A Poem)

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Change Is Constant

One of my favourite oxymorons is “Change is the only constant.” What a beautiful thing, indeed! As cliché as it sounds, the truth is that the only thing which remains the same in life is change. You can never escape it. As much as we would love to have a certain uniformity in our lives,… Continue reading Change Is Constant

An Evening To Remember (Guest Post)

Hello readers! Time for another guest post by my mother! This blog post is going to be a special one. It was yet another normal day in my life, the same routine household chores. My phone buzzed with a WhatsApp notification. It was from an unknown number. I was hesitant to check the message but… Continue reading An Evening To Remember (Guest Post)

Know Thyself

We are social animals. We were conditioned to socialise and meet people, have conversations with them, share our thoughts and opinions. It is indeed a great exercise. We make possible frequent meetings with our closest and dearest friends, have a heart-to-heart talk with. And it does make you feel lighter and happier. This is truly… Continue reading Know Thyself

Hope Is The Anchor Of Life

Happy New Year 2020, dear readers! With a fresh year, comes a lot of expectations, goals and hopes. As much as we would want our lives to be smooth sailing, with almost no glitches and unhappiness, the reality is that we have to face it all. Fears, apprehensions, self-doubt, loathe and worthlessness. It isn’t something… Continue reading Hope Is The Anchor Of Life

I Am. (A Poem)

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Life Is A Teacher (Guest Post)

Hello there, readers! I love bringing in guest writers on my blog, as they give different perspectives on varied subjects. And here is the last and final guest blog post of this year: written by my dearest mother. Nobody can write on this topic better than her. So here it is!  We often hear this… Continue reading Life Is A Teacher (Guest Post)