An Excerpt from the Diary of Every Girl/Woman

An excerpt from the diary of every girl and every woman:

They taught me to fear the dark. They forgot to mention what happens in the light. Ever since I was a child, mother and father have warned me not to venture out in the dark, as they feared that people may take advantage of the dark and try to hurt me. I have obeyed my parents. Going out alone after 8 P.M. has never happened, nor will it ever happen. And I do not blame my parents, after all I am their darling daughter. The harsh reality is that I do not feel safe in the day light too. Walking on the road and finding people staring lecherously at me sends shivers down my spine.


That frock which I saw in the shopping mall that day is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m tempted to try it out, and somewhere deep down I know I want to buy it. But hold on, I just cannot. Why? Because the dress may reach just up to my knees. People will glare at me. “Indecent girl”, I can hear somewhere in the background. My heart sinks. And I look away from my dream dress in disgust.

The heat is sweltering. I cannot take it anymore. I go and open my wardrobe and take out the comfortable shorts I so loved wearing. I take it in my hand and consider changing into it, then I stop short. ‘What if guests come home? You possibly cannot be wearing THIS..’ Now my favourite pair of shorts lie under the heaps of clothes, long forgotten.

I want to start my day by going for a long walk. My elder brother decides to join me. We talk leisurely about everything under the sun. I’m glad he joined me. We can squeeze in some uninterrupted time to bond. As we walk, people glance at us in a weird way. I start feeling uncomfortable. Brother sensed my discomfort and said, ‘Don’t bother. People think that a boy and a girl are walking alone so early in the morning. They are making their own assumptions about our relationship.’ I’m shocked. A beautiful relationship of a brother and a sister is seen in a dirty way. I retch inwardly at the very thought.

Why is it that we are restricted to move out at night? As if the crimes against us are any lesser in the daylight. Eve-teasing, molestation, and even rape, happen any time. It is the mentality of cheap people that doesn’t change. Our safety doesn’t depend on the time of the day. Depends on the change of heart of the people…”

P.S. I got this writing prompt courtesy Pinterest.


23 thoughts on “An Excerpt from the Diary of Every Girl/Woman

  1. Wonderful blog entry… I can totally relate to your experiences. I lived most of my life having to adjust to a crime rate that was so high…I’ve moved to another country but I still feel it’s weird to be out late. Sadly one has to forego their own desires to suit the imminent potential of danger. I truly hope one day you can be totally free to express yourself and wear that favourite dress and shorts without inhibitions.

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  2. Just so true chets. Even i have felt many of these. We girls keep adjusting to societies view. Hope we too get our own freedom soon. Great work chets😀


  3. Bang on! Just this morning I was in a dilemma while picking a nice top from my wardrobe, as I was getting ready to meet a few friends at a mall. But then I had to make up my mind to wear something “decent” such as a kurta/kurti since I would be taking the public transport bus to commute..! Sigh! “But then hey, people stare anyways.. So just wear what you like”.. Said a friend of mine..


  4. Well written Chetana. Girls are the highest sufferers of restrictions and all. I hope one day all girls will get rid off it and there is some change in the society. I know it requires lot of time but hope for the best. Hatsoff😊


  5. Well written Chetana. Girls are the highest sufferers of restrictions and all. I hope one day all girls will get rid off it and there will be some change in the society. I know it requires lot of time but hope for the best. Hatsoff😊


  6. Hi chethana, well written. As mentioned by you its not that risk for girls is only when they go out at night. Risk is there anytime, but the risk depends on people with whom you move, the place where you go. So every one must have good friends, good circle and should avoid visiting places which are not decent. Coming to dressing and going out late night, we have to follow the traditions & rules framed by our elders . it is meant for a better & safe society


  7. Chetana this is such a sad slice of life. This is the unspoken, this is the reality. The transition from girlhood to womanhood is not as easy and when a young woman says all this I feel really bad that this world cannot be easily changed in these aspects of life in our circles. You have captured the experiences of a growing up girl so beautifully well. Do not even worry in these lines, stay safe and always strive to make the world a better place for all concerned!


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