Be Body Positive.

If there is a common goal on most of our resolutions list, it has to be “losing weight.”
I am no different. I don’t even remember how many times it has appeared in my resolutions list and yet remained unfulfilled. But not last year. It all happened quite unconsciously. There I was, at the end of 2018, (and still am), a leaner, fitter, healthier and stronger version of myself. Something I did not even imagine in my distant dreams too.
In this journey of getting fitter, I have been introspecting a lot about self-image. Now more so.
This blog post is about a concept which has been in talks a lot all over the internet. Body positivity.
I did not grasp the meaning behind it until recently. Now that I do, I feel everyone should know about this.
Body positivity, is quite obviously, having positive thoughts about our own bodies. It is accepting all our imperfections wholeheartedly. Most importantly, it is taking charge of our bodies.
When I wanted to lose weight a few years ago, I agree that it was purely because I wanted to look good (who doesn’t?!). Over the past year, as I slowly, but surely inched closer to my goal, I realized looking good should not be the only criteria to lose (or gain) weight. It should be for better health and a better mind.
We are bombarded with a lot of expectations on how we should look in the eyes of society. If we try to lose weight purely, for this reason, it is nothing but a sheer waste. We will all end up as frustrated as we were when we started.
My interpretation of the whole concept of body positivity is: We are entirely in charge of our body. If we are happy with the way we look, we should NOT care about what others tell us. If weight loss (or gain) is a goal, it should be your OWN goal, not someone else’s instructions. Whatever it is, the activity should give you the excitement to do it every single day, leading to overall progress in your health.
At the same time, there are a lot of people who misinterpret body positivity as ignorance. That again is a very dangerous interpretation. If your health is at risk and it calls for weight loss (or gain), you should work out. Obesity does not benefit a person in any way. Rather the health conditions related to it are quite scary. So assuming that your obesity is being body positive is sadly, wrong. The truth is, we have nothing but ourselves to give company till the end of our lives. So while at it, it is in our hands to be at our best health.
Body positivity isn’t only about weight. Especially for women, we have been conditioned to look good every time we step out of the house. Of course, looking unkempt isn’t something great. But if we do not enjoy slathering inches of makeup over our faces, it should not be looked down upon. It should be our choice whether or not we want to apply makeup. Just because “people will think”, we do not have to do it.
I am now at my goal weight and haven’t felt this great in years. But this isn’t only because of the number I see on the weighing scale. It has changed me as a person overall.
In a nutshell, being body positive is being comfortable with the way we are, but without compromising on our health. There is nothing more liberating than being happy in our own skin. My word.
Until next time, stay happy (and healthy!). 🙂
Body Positivity
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7 thoughts on “Be Body Positive.

  1. Loved the concept of Body Positivity.
    According to me , our body is god’s gift to us and we should embrace, what is gifted to us, whether it is our look, colour, type of hair, height, personality..ect and this is what makes us happy with our self.
    Do what is comfortable to your body and by doing so, you benefit a lot.

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  2. Really good message. It should reach the whole society since everyone needs to understand the importance of body positive.
    Nice one, Chetana. Keep it up.

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