The Beginning

Hello readers! Writing came into my life, bag and baggage, without any prior notice, approximately 7 years ago. Please do read the very first blog post on The Soulful Nib which talks about how I found my passion for writing: Writing: My Passion. There is a mention of a poem which I wrote on a whim… Continue reading The Beginning

Unwind. Relax. Reset.

Hello readers! It has been a bit more than 3 years since The Soulful Nib came to life. You have always read optimistic, motivating, and generally cheerful blog posts here. But not this one. This blog post is a reality check. There have been a couple of blog posts here about health (read: physical health)… Continue reading Unwind. Relax. Reset.

Inner Peace (Guest Post)

Hello readers!  It's been a while since a guest post featured on the blog. So here it is! A blog post by the Editor of The Soulful Nib (and also my elder brother). 🙂  Disclaimer: This post is just my reflection on this topic. It isn’t a sure-shot way of achieving inner peace. It’s just… Continue reading Inner Peace (Guest Post)

Toh Zinda Ho Tum

Hello readers! I love watching movies with an underlying message to convey. There are a select few movies which I absolutely adore re-watching a number of times. Since I love analysing everything, I find this activity to be therapeutic and enjoyable. On The Soulful Nib, I will occasionally write my take on some of my… Continue reading Toh Zinda Ho Tum