Toh Zinda Ho Tum

Hello readers!
I love watching movies with an underlying message to convey. There are a select few movies which I absolutely adore re-watching a number of times. Since I love analysing everything, I find this activity to be therapeutic and enjoyable.
On The Soulful Nib, I will occasionally write my take on some of my absolute favourite movies. Please read my first one about this gem of a movie Dear Zindagi.
This blog post is about one of the finest movies of recent times, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. When I first watched it in the theatres, it was purely for fun, for the music, and for my favourite actors in it. Only when I rewatched it did I realise what a beautiful movie this is, indeed!
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a movie about friendships, love, passion, and highlights the beauty of life. The story is centred around the lives of three childhood best friends, Kabir (Abhay Deol), Arjun (Hrithik Roshan), and Imran (Farhan Akhtar).
Kabir is getting married to his family friend’s daughter, Natasha (Kalki Koechlin). To celebrate the last few days of his bachelorhood, the three friends plan a road trip. What follows is a roller-coaster ride for each of them, with highs and lows. At the end of the movie, each of the three learns to live their lives and dare to do all that they hesitated to do.
Mainly, what this movie teaches us is to overcome our fears. Each of the three friends has their set of inhibitions and anxieties, which they overcome during the road trip. Of course, with the help of the other two. Be it Arjun’s aquaphobia, Imran’s acrophobia, and Kabir’s fear of letting down his family, they fearlessly face their shortcomings and emerge successful by the end of the movie.
The three friends are a unique bunch, different personalities with different backgrounds.
Kabir Dewan, the gentleman who is managing his family’s construction business, is undoubtedly the sweetest of the three of them. For Kabir, his life is centred around his family and friends. He can go to any extent to make them happy, sacrificing his own happiness in the process. He loves pulling the legs of his friends, getting to know their secrets without even asking, with his absolutely hilarious set of tricks.
Arjun Saluja, the money man, an investment banker. Arjun’s life goals only include making a lot of money, owing to the bitter childhood he had to face. Arjun initially comes across as a total put-off. Not the kind of person anyone would want to be. He even accepts in a particular scene that he would marry someone if she is stinking rich. Money is what makes him happy, or so he thought. Until he meets Laila (Katrina Kaif), the instructor for their deep-sea dive. Spending time with Laila makes him realise that there is so much more to life than money. She teaches him to “seize the day” because no one knows what will happen the next day. Just one dive and Arjun’s life transforms drastically.
Imran Qureshi, the writer and poet. He is the happy-go-lucky friend of the three. Seldom serious about life, going around throwing pick up lines at random girls. But, as the movie progresses, it is brought to fore that Imran has been battling the demons in his mind. He has gotten to know a startling truth about his life, which has shaken him badly. Despite the closeness he shares with his friends, he finds it comforting to share what is on his mind with a complete stranger, Nuria (Ariadna Cabrol).
Isn’t this strangely the truth? At times, we do feel it a lot easier to share our minds with people who do not know us. This could be because we know that we will not be judged.
Another important take-away from this movie is that your work isn’t everything in life. It is okay to take a break every once in a while and go on a vacation. Especially when things are getting out of hand.
You would be lying if you would not feel like going on a vacation with your best friends, after watching this movie. 😉
Every time I watch the movie, I connect to any or all of the three characters. We all have a Kabir, Arjun, and Imran in our lives. Astonishingly, we all ARE Kabir, Arjun, and Imran at some point in our lives.
What I loved about the movie is how relatable the characters are! You live their lives as you watch the movie. Of course, the picturesque scenery and the lovely music are a big bonus.
The highlights of the movie for me were the poems written by Javed Akhtar. They are pure gems! The thought has surely passed my mind that one day, I would love to write poetry like that!
Here is one of my favourites:
Jab Jab Dard Ka Baadal Chaya
Jab Gham Ka Saaya Lehraya
Jab Aansu Palkon Tak Aaya
Jab Ye Tanha Dil Ghabraya
Humne Dil Ko Yeh Samjhaya
Dil Aakhir Tu Kyun Rota Hai
Duniya Mein Yun Hi Hota Hai.
Yeh Jo Dard Ke Sannatein Hai
Waqt Ne Sab Ko Hi Baantein Hai
Thoda Gham Hai Sabka Kissa
Thodi Dhoop Hai Sabka Hissa
Aankh Teri Bekaar Hi Namm Hai
Har Pal Ek Naya Mausam Hai
Kyun Tu Aise Pal Khota Hai
Dil Aakhir Tu Kyun Rota Hai…
Let the meaning of this hauntingly beautiful poem sink in. With that, I end this blog post.
Please do let me know if you would like to read more such blog posts about movies I loved! 🙂
Until next time, stay blessed!
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