Beauty Isn’t Skin Deep

Toxicity is one thing which our society does not lack in. Look around, and you find toxic relationships, toxic people and their toxic thoughts. What we do not realise is that this toxicity is stealthily creeping in our minds and getting ingrained there.
Today’s blog post is about one such toxic thought which makes me retch inwardly.
The obsession people have with the fairer skin tone.
Girls are conditioned to look a certain way ever since they are of the age of wearing pigtails. From a very young age, they are taught to dress up in a certain way and look a certain way. While that is still negligible, what isn’t is the obsession of making them look fairer.
I remember reading this random answer on Quora ages ago. The writer had posted a picture of his/her child’s textbook. There were two images on the page. One of a woman with a lighter skin tone while the other was of a woman comparatively darker. What was horrific was that the fairer lady was tagged as “beautiful” and the darker one as “ugly.”
What has the world come to?! Isn’t it pathetic to see such education being given to the young minds? They are taught to discriminate between people based on their skin colour!
With brands such as Fair and Lovely endorsing racism, it is not helping at all. Maybe all the young girls out there might have even attempted to use these fairness creams, as a desperate measure to become fairer.
Some stereotyping has lead to the conclusion that only fair ladies are beautiful. And sadly, that has ingrained in the minds of a lot of girls who have now grown up to be lovely (but under-confident) women.
Have you taken a look at the matrimonial pages in the leading newspapers? Almost every listing has a “fair” bride requirement in it. My heart cries silently looking at the terrible state of mind people have come to adopt. Girls (even boys for that matter. Fair and Handsome, anyone?) have been shunned for having a darker skin tone, treated inferior in comparison to the “pretty” (read: fair) counterparts. And the poor minds assume that it is their fault that they were punished with the skin colour. No, it isn’t. In fact, the darker skin tones are less prone to getting sunburns and a lot of other skin disorders.
As I said in the previous blog post ‘Comparison is the Thief of Joy’, each of us is different in our own way. Similarly, each of us is beautiful in our own way. We all have that one feature which stands out. Be it our eyes, skin, hair, and most importantly, our personality. It is up to us to embrace it and feel good about it. The loveliest feature a person can have is their smile. Honestly, the way a person’s face lights up when they smile is truly heart-warming.
I’m extremely fortunate to have a mother who never endorsed such nonsensical thoughts. From a very young age, she has time and again reminded me that beauty is not skin deep. She seldom encouraged me to use any beauty products at a young age. I truly lived a life a young girl deserved to live, without being bombarded with fairness creams. She has, in fact, shut the mouths of a lot of people who have commented on my skin tone. A truly fierce woman and inspiration is what she is!
True beauty lies within and that’s what matters the most. Rather than cribbing on what you’re lacking in, focus on maintaining your health. Exercise, eat nutritious food and drink lots of water. Rest assured, no fairness cream can come close to the glow that will show up on your face when you start taking care of yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin. That’s truly the only thing that matters. 🙂
It’s time to embrace the real you!
Until next time, stay blessed.

Image created via Canva

10 thoughts on “Beauty Isn’t Skin Deep

  1. Oh, I so agree with you.
    Unfortunately, we still have that white hangover…white is beautiful.
    Most people, knowing they sound racist, always add that rider when they discuss a dark-skinned person-that he/she has ‘lovey features’. What does that even mean??
    Nicely written piece, by the way.

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  2. God has gifted each and every living being with something which is very unique to each one. I strongly believe that colour of the skin, is what you get by birth and it is impossible to change it with the most expensive fairness cream.😀 It is the beautiful heart and mind what makes us beautiful.
    We usually tend to fall prey to the advertisement which say get fairer skin tone with fairness cream, shiny hair with shampoo..ect ect which is totally sales gimmick.
    Be happy with yourself…make others have a beautiful heart .
    May God bless you.

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    1. Amazing thought!

      You’ve been the main reason for the confident and strong woman that I’ve become today. 😊

      If everyone had the same views about beauty as you have, the world would be a happier and lovelier place to live in!


      1. There are many parents who give value to inner beauty than external beauty.
        Some exceptions🙄 are there in this world who give more importance to external beauty, but at the end to be a wonderful human being your, complexion, appearance…all these things matter least .

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  3. True. But it is difficult to change people’s prospective. Even in movies, the songs are the clear reflection of thinking and importance given to fair skin. Anyway, change will happen one day…

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  4. Very nicely written chethana. The real beauty must come from heart. External skin colour , fairness and external beauty is nothing in life. Being a good human being with a large heart is what is required.

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