Life Is A Teacher (Guest Post)

Hello there, readers!

I love bringing in guest writers on my blog, as they give different perspectives on varied subjects. And here is the last and final guest blog post of this year: written by my dearest mother. Nobody can write on this topic better than her. So here it is! 

We often hear this term called “Life lessons.”
It sounds like going to school or an institute to get knowledge and learn. But this “Learning” process is not restricted to only what you learn to earn your livelihood. These life lessons are learnt only by experiencing what you go through.

You get to learn a lot from observing nature. Mother Earth is the best example and an excellent teacher.
Though human beings exploit nature, she is very calm and always has a giving attitude, without expecting anything in return for what she has given to us. The trees, once planted by our forefathers, without expectations, now give us shade, fruits, a shelter for birds and animals. This is the best example to get to learn from her: “lead a life without expectations.”

Though there are innumerable aquatic life underneath the vast seas and oceans, it remains just as if there is nothing going on underneath. This is the lesson taught: “to stay calm and composed in any situation.”
The rivers flow, collect all the dirt that comes their way, but as it is said, flowing water is always clear.

The one thing which I would love to learn is from insects, like ants and honey bees. They are always active and hustling. I have never seen an ant lying lazily. Insects are truly beautiful examples of hard work.

We cannot master any art in a few days. Every day is a new day, and we learn a new lesson each day. Parenting is a huge task and bringing up your children and making them responsible human beings is a real life lesson. We teach them a lot and in the process, we learn a lot too.

I never feel ashamed to learn anything from my younger generation and willingly gain wisdom from my elders.

I have learnt a good amount of knowledge from my children about technology and it is a pleasure to learn and constantly update myself. I love to follow and learn about our culture and tradition from my elders.

Then comes the best part of life lessons, for me. It is cooking.

We work and earn money for our daily needs. We cannot survive without having food. Cooking is an art. You can win anyone’s heart with tasty food. Nowadays, you can learn cooking using the latest technology, which is indeed a blessing. However, whatever I have learnt from my mother, cannot be replaced with any technology. I have learnt a lot from her, just by following her footsteps, observing her and if anyone compliments me by saying that I am my mother’s replica (at least one per cent of what my mother is😍), I truly feel blessed and overjoyed.

The life lessons I have learnt from my parents and family are enriching. My parents have taught me to be strong, caring. Most importantly, they have taught us to always “give respect and take respect.”

Recently, I read a beautiful article about Swami Vivekananda. It is about the topic “Connection and Contact.” We are always in “contact” with our relatives via social media and our phones, but it is more important to be “connected” to everyone. This maintains beautiful relationships and bonding between people.

The joint family system is a great example. The elder generation has the support of the younger generation and the younger generation can learn and get bundles of knowledge and wisdom from their elder generation. Certain customs and systems have been passed from generation to generation and all these are very precious.

In a nutshell, none of these life lessons can be mastered from any institutions, college or online courses. This is what we have to experience: go through our life and “master” it. There is no other teacher better than life itself.


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14 thoughts on “Life Is A Teacher (Guest Post)

  1. Well said Sumi… We are here on this Earth to evolve to realize who we truly are. Its important to keep ourselves in learning mode 24*7. 😍🙏

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  2. Excellent article Suman Pacchi 👍
    Yes there is lot to learn from life by observing our surroundings. Also as you mentioned the experience and knowledge of our elders is something which cannot be compared to anything else.

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  3. It’s a beautiful blog aunty😍 thank you for sharing such detailed observations from Mother Earth. Each and every line is beautiful. More love to you and chets aunty 😍
    Thank you chets for sharing such an amazing post♥️

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