An Evening To Remember (Guest Post)

Hello readers!

Time for another guest post by my mother!

This blog post is going to be a special one.
It was yet another normal day in my life, the same routine household chores. My phone buzzed with a WhatsApp notification. It was from an unknown number. I was hesitant to check the message but then noticed that the messenger had addressed me by my name. Curiously, I opened the message and what do I see? A message from my classmate from primary school!

As I went through the message, I was told that I will get a call from another number soon. I was totally surprised and was confused as to what is going on. Then I received pictures of my primary school class photograph. Later I got a call from a senior batchmate who told me about a class reunion of 1972 fifth standard batch being planned the following Sunday. Despite my valid reason that most probably I don’t belong to this batch, I was convinced to join the reunion function.

On the D-day, I reached the venue at 3 pm, and to my surprise, I saw all my senior batchmates and a lot of them were people I usually interact with, in and around Mangalore.
The most beautiful moment was when I saw five lovely, beautiful ladies in our midst, my Pujya Gurus. The ones who taught me when I was in the first, second and third standard. It was a nostalgic moment when they recognised me and remembered my name.

The event began with our school prayer.

The highlight of the evening was when the teachers addressed all the students and even organised games. The winner was awarded a prize. It took us back to school and each and every one of us played with the same enthusiasm as we did in school. It was as if we all travelled back in time and forgot our age, jobs and professions.

The teachers were felicitated by the team and this was the one-of-a-kind of reunion where “primary school teachers” were made a prominent part of the reunion.

I did not realise how time flew.

Getting blessings from your Guru is one of the most precious moments for a student and receiving Guru Vandana from a group of students is the most beautiful and precious moments in the life of a Guru.

I truly appreciate the pain and trouble they have taken to arrange this reunion function, the efforts to collect all the classmates’ names, their contact information, inform them about the reunion event is praiseworthy.

Meeting people, interacting with them and getting to know each other is what I really like. Though most of the crowd that day were from a senior batch, I was made comfortable and felt one among them.


A reunion is an ultimate reason for long-lost friends to meet again under one roof, show gratitude, love and respect to the teachers who have taught you in your tender age and because of them now you are capable of what you are at present.

To make a beautiful bouquet, you need a variety of flowers in different colours. In the same way, this reunion function was a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The bouquet consisted of business people, doctors, police, auto owners, homemakers, and so many more. All tied together made a wonderful bouquet.

I can only hope for this bonding and affection between all to become stronger and stronger as the years go by.

Image source: Last Lemon

Image created via Canva

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