It’s Okay

Dear all,

In testing times like this, where stress levels are shooting up, where loneliness is embracing us tightly, it is normal to feel low and wistful.

It’s okay to feel drained of energy and low. It’s okay if you do not feel productive each day. It’s okay if you have not learnt anything new in this lockdown period. You do not have to work like a maniac and desperately try to tick off your long, idealistic to-do list.

There will be a lot of people telling you to utilise your time and channel your energies creatively. You try your best. Yes, you do. But the enthusiasm doesn’t seem to show up. Do not be hard on yourself and be judgemental.

It’s okay to feel lost, blank, dazed and confused. It’s okay if you just want to sit and observe your surroundings. It’s okay to feel like not doing anything at all.

You may feel panicky and restless on seeing the number of cases rise all around you. Switch off and unplug from the never-ending media on the internet, if that’s what calms your jittery nerves.

You are enough as it is. You do not have to prove to the world that every waking hour of your days at home are spent doing something useful. You do not have to be accountable to anyone. Not even to your own self.

It’s okay to ponder, reflect and while away time. You aren’t going to get this solitude very often. Solitude is beautiful. It’s a celebration of you being comfortable just the way you are.

It’s okay to feel exhausted despite not working menially. The times are such that your mind is jumping back and forth with various possibilities. Thinking is as tiring as any physical labour. And it is okay.
Keeping giving gentle reminders to yourself that you do not have to be a go-getter and learn new skills. Listen to yourself. Unwind and let it go.

It’s all okay to just be. It’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.

It's Okay

Stay calm and blessed.

The Soulful Nib.

15 thoughts on “It’s Okay

  1. Very true… solitude is beautiful!!! We can consider that God has given us an opportunity to understand ourselves and so many things around us…

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