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Hey there, lovely readers!

If you’ve ever interacted with children (I’m sure you have), have their energy and enthusiasm made you feel a lot lighter and cheerful? I often bring in examples of children in my blog posts because they are as great teachers as are elders. There’s so much we can learn from them!
I envy their infectious laughter and how they can break into giggles any moment of time. Laugh. That’s right.

There’s a very popular quote which we’ve all heard before: “Laughter is the best medicine.” It’s only when we grew up did we realise the significance of the very quote.

Yes, times aren’t great these days. We’re all in the middle of a global pandemic, something we seldom expected to encounter in our lifetimes. Despite being cooped up in our homes, it is definitely a gruesome period for all of us.

At times like this, the solution to our jittery nerves and stress is pretty simple. A good, hearty laugh. Of course, breaking into a peal of laughter just like that seems peculiar (eheheh.. awkward). That’s when good and light-hearted comedy shows come into the picture.

Humour is severely underrated in our lives. With most of our daily dose of “jokes” springing from WhatsApp Forwards or memes on the internet. But they sure don’t make you laugh so much that your stomach hurts, right? For me, a good and satisfying laugh is when tears come rolling down my cheeks, my jaw hurts, stomach feels like it will explode and I just can’t breathe. And all this to be accompanied by uncontrollable coughing (yes, I’m of that category of people who laugh so much that they start coughing. Hehe).

I’m also one of those unique specimens of people whose laugh is funnier than the joke. At times, I crack jokes which are so traumatising that the God of Humour would be put to shame. Sigh!
Do you know anyone who is like this? People, who laugh at the silliest things and in serious times? Yeah, we are weird! But weird is good.

These days since we’re all at home, we make it a point to watch my family’s ultimate comfort sitcom on TV almost every evening, Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai. This show has been one of the best Hindi comedy shows of all time. I’ve watched all the episodes so many times that I can even recollect almost all the dialogues verbatim. Yet, I can rewatch it over and over again and laugh just as much each time.

There’s another English TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which I love equally. Any day I feel low, I watch a random episode of the show and I can instantly feel the difference in my mood. My heart feels a lot lighter, there’s a stupid grin riding across my face and everything just feels.. okay.

Just For Laughs.png

Laughter isn’t called the best medicine just like that. There have been scientific studies which have concluded that laughing does indeed have health benefits. Mainly, it works wonders in reducing your stress levels and turning around a bad day. Laughing heals.

So dear people, go ahead and seek out your preferred source of laughter and laugh till you cannot handle anymore. Laughter is and will forever be the best form of therapy. Thank me later.

P.S. Do you have any favourite comedy shows? I would love to know about them in the comments.

Until next time, stay safe and stay indoors. And wash your hands. And laugh to your heart’s content.

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4 thoughts on “Just For Laughs

  1. Laughing with tears coming out is very rare for me these days.. But used to laugh at all jokes from Kichdi, dekh bhai dekh, sarabhai vs sarabhai and Seinfeld.

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