A majority of us are now back to staying at home, given the horrendous second wave of Covid-19 in India. All this seems nothing less than a nightmare we wish to forget.

We’re back to square one, but this time it is worse. It is heart-wrenching to see the situation across the country.

Times are tough, for sure. It takes a toll on our well-being too. As responsible citizens, we need to ensure that we do not move around unless absolutely necessary.

Being cooped up inside our homes is safe and comforting. Yet, it can sometimes make you feel lethargic and disoriented. It’s okay to feel so.

In such times, technology seems to be a blessing in disguise. Well, if used in the right way.

I’m the kind of person who thrives on meaningful conversations and interactions with a certain few people. I love the feel of talking endlessly with a close friend and exchanging thoughts and opinions on everything under the sun.

I have a particular friend whom I’ve known for about 20 years. I love the conversations we both have, and they always bring in new perspectives and open my mind to thinking differently. A week before my state went into lockdown, it was fortunate that we could meet up. Now that we cannot step out, we reach out to each other and keep exchanging our thoughts.

Another close friend from college also brings a smile across my face whenever she messages. It’s beautiful the way we can lift each other’s spirits every single time.

Occasional gossiping is fun and relaxing, true. But conversations like these are something I crave for.

I’m fortunate and grateful for these friends who make my life better in ways I never imagined.

The person whom I love to converse the most, however, is me. James Clear once mentioned in one of his newsletters:
“The most important conversation is the conversation you have with yourself each day.”

Checking in with yourself lets you know what you’re feeling and how your life is progressing.

Why are conversations so essential though?

As humans, we NEED to connect with others. That’s how we survive in this world. You may be an introvert in the truest sense. Still, you will want to exchange thoughts and ideas with another like-minded person. That’s how you grow.

Taking you back to the good old days, do you remember how as kids we used to talk endlessly with our classmates on the landline phone? I clearly remember the discussions about classes, homework, movies and books with my school friends.

The current state of the country isn’t great. And each of us is having a hard time coping with it. Why not make it easier for yourself, by connecting with your loved ones more often? Drop-in a message, connect over social media, call them up, or if you’re missing them a lot, see them real-time on a video call!

It’ll surely brighten up your spirits and theirs as well!

Until next time, stay safe, mask up and take care.

Here’s a lovely song about conversations to brighten up your weekend.

6 thoughts on “Conversations.

  1. These lockdowns have impacted our mental health as well.
    Having a good conversation with our loved ones will definitely help us with this lockdown induced stress

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