This Too Shall Pass

Dear reader,

There may have been certain times when you haven’t felt the best.

Not every day is the same. Not every moment is the same. When things are bad and you are struggling, it is definitely a task in itself to make yourself feel a little better.

But remember that it is all a phase. Change is constant. You ARE moving ahead, you ARE progressing every moment even though it seems like everything is at a standstill.

Every scenario you find yourself in, whether happy or sad, good or bad, will pass. It may be too much for you and bring you a great deal of agony. It can physically, psychologically, and emotionally exhaust you, especially when circumstances are difficult. But it will not last forever.

Think back to when you were facing a tough time. It might have felt intolerable in that situation. You may have frantically attempted but failed to discover a way out. But you’ve made it this far. Consider how far you’ve come. Appreciate yourself for overcoming challenges. You persevered in the face of adversity and grew stronger as a result.

When a block of stone is chiseled and carved, it faces a lot of hardship to become magnificent. Similarly when a person repeatedly faces testing times, it makes them more beautiful and strong.

There may be days when you had planned it all and could hardly do anything. There might be days when the sheer overwhelm of whatever you are going through is making you feel miserable. There might be days when you feel cut off from the rest of the world.

Keep reminding yourself that everything will pass. Sooner or later, things will improve. Or at least, you will summon the courage to persevere and be strong.

Ever noticed the weather changes throughout the year? Sweltering summers make you yearn for the cool and windy monsoons. Chilly winters make you want to feel the warmth of summers.

Ever noticed a long tunnel when you are travelling by road? The darkness feels intimidating at first but you keep moving because you know that the darkness will soon give way to sunlight again.

In the same way, keep going ahead and keep the unwavering faith. Things will be better one day or the other. Certain circumstances make you emerge braver and stronger and give you a little more confidence and ability to move ahead in life.

Until next time, stay blessed!


The Soulful Nib

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