Simple Joys

Hello readers!
Haven’t we all, at some point of time, pined for a new wardrobe, the latest phone in the market, the most happening trends? Of course, we have. Any normal human being will do that. I too have. But in trying to grab the most out of the materialistic things, people have forgotten to enjoy the small things in life. In this blog post, I’m going to share my top 20 simple joys (in no particular order) and hopefully, help you, my readers, to reminiscence about little things that brought (and still bring) joy to you.
1. Re-reading my favourite books and feeling a sense of happiness when I manage to recall the dialogues or sentences verbatim.
2. Okay, this HAS to be mentioned. Bubble-wrap!
3. Going through old photo albums and laughing at the weird poses and some embarrassing pictures in them.
4. Having a heart-to-heart chat with my brother.
5. Indulging in my favourite sweets and ice-creams. And chocolate. (People with a sweet tooth, raise your hands!)
6. Sight of a huge bunch of colourful balloons (not the ones with those cartoons. The nice, plain ones).
7. Sitting by the window with a book in hand. Watching the rains and some of the rain drops splash on my face. Bliss..
8. Enjoying mangoes without giving two hoots about who’s watching.
9. Smelling books.
10. Standing by my bookshelf and admiring my collection.
11. Lazing outdoors and gazing at the sky, thinking nothing.
12. Stumbling across an old favourite song and falling for it all over again.
13. Watching baby videos.
14. Getting overwhelmed with the collection in stationery stores.
15. Watching my favourite movies again. And again. And again.
16. Since I’m a commerce student, seeing that the balance sheet has tallied! Even though the answer might be wrong, but still feeling as if I’ve climbed the Mount Everest.
17. Writing nonsense in my journal.
18. Reading my old diary entries and chuckling at my innocence.
19. Speaking to my best friend on phone (not mobile phone, I mean landline).
20. Sleeping on my mother’s lap.
I could go on and on with this list. But that can be for another day, another time.
So dear people, take time today in finding your simple joys. You’ll be surprised to find out that they bring more happiness than things which are bought for money.
Stay blessed!

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15 thoughts on “Simple Joys

  1. Beautifully written dear Chetana! Proud of you. πŸ™‚ This post has got me thinking.. Indeed there are plenty things that make us happy on an everyday basis and somehow we tend to overlook them, only to realize their importance/value at a later point of time in life. And sometimes it is too late to even appreciate them. I am inspired by this post to list down the many simple things that bring joy to me. Cheers. And All the Best.- Chatura.


  2. Wow lovely chets. Its wonderful. Well said too. Many of them are even my simple joys. It feels so good to recall every incident where even i have felt the same.😘
    And about balance sheet and mount everest. Haha its the best experience of every commerce student😁
    You are just awesome chets😘


  3. Nice one πŸ™‚
    Surprisingly most of what you mentioned is in my list too ! Especially smelling old books, falling for songs and watching the rain ❀
    So I couldn't stop myself from commenting here. πŸ˜€ Have heard a lot about you from Anil. Keep writing πŸ™‚


  4. Back to memory lane it is now πŸ™‚ The smell of books, watching your favourite movie repeatedly , and music along with the rains, a perfect combination on any given day.:) And it is so true, simpler joys is the cornerstone to happiness. πŸ™‚


  5. Hey Chetu…have so many simple joys similar to yours…small pleasures which come without a price tag,yet so priceless.


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