Writing: My Passion

Hello readers! Here I am, with my very first blog post. The excitement I am feeling as I write this is inexplicable.. While brainstorming ideas for my first blog post, I was in a fix. I had absolutely no idea about what it should be. And when I almost fell asleep it struck me. Why not write about how I started writing and what made me so passionate about it?

Back to the days when I was a 11 year old girl, I used to be fascinated by magazines, the same old “fashion-and-beauty tips” kind of magazines. As I was flipping through the latest edition one day, I came across a page about finances (which I obviously did not understand back then). On that page was a picture of a scribbling pad. Something like this-

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That was the inspiration I got to write. Yes, you read it right. One single picture. The very same day, I troubled the hell out of my mother to buy me a scribbling pad! And oh the joy I felt when I finally got one. The funniest part is that after getting the much demanded scribbling pad, I did not know what to write! Finally forced myself to start a “diary” using this scribbling pad.

But what exciting can happen in a 11 year old’s life? So I decided to write about what I did during the day. Embarrassing to share, but this is what I wrote: “I woke up at 6:30 am, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, took a bath. Then ate [insert breakfast item]. Went to school. First hour was science. Ma’am started the second chapter. Second hour was free…. blah blah blah.” Even though this was childish, I was happy writing something. Whether it made sense or not. Soon I realized I was not satisfied writing such things (Thank God for that!). Somewhere in between I lost interest in writing daily about school. And so, I stopped.  A few years later, my father got home a diary and gave it to me. Some random diary of some random company. That brought back my long lost love for writing. I started writing in that diary every day. Every. Single. Day. Frankly, I was quite happy with it because it had a certain number of lines for every day of the year. I stuck to it.  After a couple of months of diary writing, I started yearning for more pages to write every day. Found some pieces of scrap paper and wrote more. Some days I would continue my diary writing on those papers and staple them to the book.

One day, mother suggested me to write a poem. And I did. In 15 minutes. About “love.” Astonishingly turned out quite good. Then there was no looking back. I wrote more poems. When I entered pre-university college, my English lecturer told me about the college magazine. That set me thinking. In school, I was never the one to contribute anything to the school magazine. I did not want to commit that mistake in college. Went ahead and submitted two of my poems. I was overjoyed when they were published! The day I saw my poem in the magazine and my name printed next to it, was probably the day I realized that yes, I do have an inclination towards writing.

When I started pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I moved on to write articles. And since then I have always contributed my write-ups to the college magazine. My brother has been my strongest critic ever since I started writing. The girl who was too shy to participate in anything started taking part in essay competitions. Some I won, some I enjoyed being a part of.

Even today, I write for myself just as I did when I was 11. Though not about what I did that day and not daily. I make it a point to spend some time writing for myself, without paying any heed to grammar or spellings. Just write. And revel in the glory of it.

I am just a student, not some learned person to preach about life. But I want to tell all those who are reading this that having a passion in life is incredibly important. Doing something which you love, in my case, writing, gives you some sort of satisfaction. Start doing something, anything as a hobby. You never know, it can turn into something you were always looking for.

Thanks for reading me! Stay blessed!


31 thoughts on “Writing: My Passion

  1. Love love love the blog! You are truly a person who can pen down your thoughts effortlessly and not be at a loss for words like some of us. I personally liked the blog post about your passion for writing and how it all began! Stay blessed and keep writing girrlll! 🙌


  2. Marvellous !! This blog and the content clearly shows your zeal for writing such good stuff which some of us might not even think of. Nice work girl ! Excited for your next article.


  3. Your blog is fabulous. I loved it a lot. Keep on writing and I’m waiting for your next article. Stay blessed.☺


  4. Just wonderful chets.. love to read everything you write.. i have spent time with you and your love fo writing has just amused me so much.. you even made me write and present to college magazine.. waiting for your next one.. stay blessed chets😘


  5. Hi Chetna !

    Very beautifully written . Reminded me so much of when I was that age and the 20things you wrote relived my memories 😊. Not all of them can put down things with a pen . Very well written and keep following your passion . All the best !!


  6. Hi Chetna !!

    Very beautifully written . The list of 20 things are dot on ,relieved my memories 😊. Not all can pen down the thoughts as you have done . Keep up the good work and follow your passion of writing. All the best


  7. That is beautifully written. Best part about it, is tht it is so easy to relate to. Loved all three, but if asked to choose the first write up is d most touching of them all. Kudos👍🏾 to chetu, keep up d good work.


  8. Hiii Chetana:)

    A lovely start to your blog.:) You have elucidated your thoughts very well, reminding me of my very initial days when i used to be in a dilemma of putting my thoughts on paper. Looking forward to your further posts 🙂 All the best.


  9. I agree Chinnu. Very well articulated. Makes more sense when you preach what you have practiced. Keep it up my girl.


  10. Dear Chetu, you truly have a flair of expression..am so glad that you are following your passion with such zest n thanks much for sharing your thoughts n making us a part of it….
    Keep writing!!


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