Collect Moments, Not Things

Happiness can mean different things to different people. It is a subjective concept. For some, happiness means getting new clothes. For others, it means travelling to new places. To each, his own.

If you look back at the times you were feeling the most jubilant, you’re sure to find a pattern. All these were experiences and moments. Getting your first paycheck. Watching the sun rise at the horizon. Meeting your friends after a long time. Finishing a really good book. They are all moments.

I’m not a materialistic person. Of course, I love spending on books (LOTS of them!) and stationery. But apart from a select few, I generally do not like “collecting” things. For me, good experiences hold more value above everything else.

A few days ago was one of my most favourite festivals, Raksha Bandhan. The festival celebrating the bond of brothers and sisters. The sister ties a sacred thread called Rakhi on her brother’s wrist and the brother promises to protect her. Hence the name, Raksha Bandhan (“the bond of protection”). This is followed by the brother gifting his sister a little something.

This year, my brother handed me a pen drive as a gift. As I looked on puzzled, he asked me to connect it to my laptop and see what’s in it. What I saw left me speechless. The entire collection of one of my most favourite cartoons, Baby Looney Tunes! He gifted me my childhood back and I couldn’t have been happier.

Another special gift which I will always cherish was the one I received on my 15th birthday. My brother (yes, he gives the best gifts 😁) requested one of my favourite authors to send me a birthday email. I was SO SO surprised to see her name pop up in my inbox! I remember prancing around the entire house, screaming my lungs out on seeing her email. Truly made that birthday a VERY special one. 🙂

As I write this blog post, it takes me back to all the times I felt the happiest. And I realised they were ALL certain special moments, and not material items (except for a few books :P).

The time I launched this blog. The time I wrote my first poem. The time I fit into my old favourite shirt after achieving my desired weight. The pride shining in my parents’ and brother’s eyes when I cleared my exams with great scores.

We are living in a materialistic world. We are spoilt for choice with the multitude of options for clothes, footwear, gadgets and a lot more. And there is nothing wrong in wanting to buy all them. They make us happy, after all.

But the underlying message is that the best things in life are free. Moments and experiences over things. Always. They remained imprinted in our memories for a long time and it’s indeed beautiful to reminisce them.

What are some moments that you have cherished?

Until next time, stay blessed and stay healthy!

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21 thoughts on “Collect Moments, Not Things

  1. The best things in life are free but they are very “Precious”.😍 The moment I read this I went back to my childhood days and the time spent with my brothers and sisters ( specially the younger sister, is a wow moment for me. I can go on and on and speak about the fun we had during our childhood days and these precious moments always make my day, brings smile on my face. Since we did not have smart phone or camera at that time, the picture of those lovely days are permanently imprinted in my heart.
    Lovely post .

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    1. Super excellent
      Even I felt the same , if we were having this opportunity at that time in the sense camera or any device like taking photos, that will keep our memory more stronger. Now we are having the device but no childhood 😢 Now at least let our children enjoy the time

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  2. Very Well written … Truly said ‘Collect moments , not things’…. People need to understand moments spent with loved ones are the precious thing … much more valuable than anything in the world… 😊😊😊

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  3. Beautiful post! In the grit n grind we need to pause every once in a while to reminisce the happy moments … It immediately transforms your mood n reminds one how blessed we are!

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  4. Very true ….The happiness comes from sweet memories can’t be measured…
    The article brought back my childhood memories ….nice…..thanks

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  5. If we all lived by the adage ‘Collect moments, Not things’ we would be a Nation focused on building relationships and strengthening humane values. You have shared a potent recipe for emotional well-being. Thank you.
    Happy Independence Day!

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  6. It’s so nicely written❤️ Definitely memories are the most precious things in life. They bring in the happiness which last forever. They make us smile even on a gloomy day. So memories are definitely the best gift God has bestowed upon us 🙏❤️

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  7. Well written . Happiness can mean different to different people. Happiness is something what one feels. The happiness of one can be a sorrow for other also.

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  8. Nice message. It’s small,small things, gesture or good words, genuinly said ,Will make us happy. Trivial moments spent with your dear ones Will become great/ good memories in future. Happiness means not only enjoying materiel things but it means a lot more, which varies form parson to person. There’s a lot more non- materialistic events that happens during our daytoday life, viz; interaction with our parents, brothers & sisters, friends and wellwishers which may appear very trivial at that moment but Will become great memories to cherish as the time goes on. It’s the beautiful, nice & pleasant memories of the past which keeps us going and not the material world. So, pile up good memories of happy moments to get going and keeping material things in it’s proper place. Ultimately indulge in things which males you happy without hurting or harming others. This is how I feel after reading your very thoughtful message.
    Best wishes. Expect more such thoughtful messages from you to enlighten us 😊👍

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