A Lesson Learnt

Haven’t we read or heard or seen some message about saving the Earth by using water prudently? Be it in newspapers, magazines, articles, journals and even the television, this message is tirelessly spread. Do you really think it has proved to be of any use? Think about it for a moment. All right, let me tell you something startling. The results of a survey state that 33% of the world’s population is likely to face severe water shortage by 2025. We read these statistics, maybe ponder over it for a moment and then just forget about it. That’s the sad truth. Our mentality is such that we think about saving water only in times of drought, not at other times. We roam around preaching about our “supposed” concern for water, then go home and take a 30-minute long shower. What’s the whole point of the preaching, may I ask?
I urge you to take a look at this infographic about the global water crisis.


[Image Source: http://www.seametrics.com]

A recent news report stated that in some remote places, people had to walk miles together to fetch potable water, since the water supplied to them was not fit for consumption. While observing their condition, we are in a much better situation. A ten-minute shower uses 60 litres of water, approximately. One can take a satisfying bucket bath in just about 15 litres. Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and scrubbing vessels, too helps. I’ve stated only two measures which we can implement in our daily lives. Look around and see where and how you can save water.
I readily accept that I too did not pay heed to water management until my city had to face severe water crisis recently. For almost a month, we had to use each drop of water judiciously. The problem is solved but it has taught me something which I will never forget. In spite of having fairly good amount of water for daily consumption now, I’ve learnt to use only the required amount. The shower has remained untouched from a long time. It was high time we learnt to use water carefully. If we manage to use water in the right way, we may be able to tackle water shortage in the future.
The water crisis has taught us three lessons. One, we actually implemented the message “save water.” Two, we realized that we do not require as much water as we ruthlessly wasted when the water level saw better days. Three, it made us more compassionate towards people who were in worse situations than us.
In spite of facing a lot of problems due to the water crisis, I have learnt my lesson. Save Water, Save the Earth.
When will you learn yours?

9 thoughts on “A Lesson Learnt

  1. Rightly said…we all need need to realise the value of water and use it carefully.but sadly we learn the lesson every summer and then forget it conveniently..


  2. Chetana, very good message on saving water. Now deforestation had led to scarcity of rain which in turn affects water level. The statistics ( data) on water crises is really very worth circulating. It gives a real sense of fear about the water crises by 2025. Once again, keep it up Chetana.


  3. Very goodan true facts chets.. already mangloreans have experienced terrific consequences of water crisis.. very good message indeed


  4. Well said.. people should think about using water wisely like trying to make use of rain water whenever possible to wash clothes, wash vessels or to use water in toilet. One can even store rain water and use it to water their gardens after rainy season.


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