A Picture Worth Thousand Words

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
This picture is a harsh blow to humanity.
For the uninitiated. What this picture is trying to convey is that humans have crossed their limits. How can we be so cruel and heartless?
As shown in the picture, the man fells the tree and drives away the birds from their natural habitat. He then goes on to chop up the tree and shapes it into a birdhouse. Yes. Snatched away their natural habitat to create an artificial one. Is this the message we want to spread?
It is a known fact that the trees are being destroyed in millions. But have you ever thought of the birds who live in them? How would you feel if your house was destroyed and you would turn homeless?

2 thoughts on “A Picture Worth Thousand Words

  1. It is one of the sad things that we as humans do to mother nature. Live and let live should be our motto. We should give something back to mother nature if we keep using up her resources.


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