Childhood Then and Now

Hello everyone!
A while ago, when I went for a short walk, I saw an absolutely weird advertisement hoarding put up. It read “Tuition for LKG and UKG students” along with the tutor’s name and phone number.
I stood there, flabbergasted. Tuition for KG kids? Since when did this surface? Blissfully unaware of what’s happening around me, I was.
As I looked around my colony closely, I observed that I no longer saw the neighbourhood children playing in front of my house. I used to cherish those moments, seeing the bright and chirpy faces and listening to the excited screams as the kids raced each other on their bicycles or played cricket.
Not a single kid is seen playing now. All bundled up and sent to these so-called “tuition classes”. It’s a pain to see their tired faces as they return home late in the evening, with all the energy and enthusiasm drained out.
I’m not that old, but back in the days when I was a kid, I remember how vibrant our vacations were. My brother and I would play badminton for hours together, run around, laze along with my cousins in my grandmother’s place. Blissful days. We learnt through observing and enjoying ourselves. We drew, we painted. No, there were no tuitions back then, right? Then why now? Why can parents not see the way they are spoiling the childhood of their sons/daughters by just making them study all day?
However, it isn’t entirely the parents’ fault too. The education system itself has become such that every child has to compete to be the best. Parents wanting their children to excel is perfectly all right.
There is not one reason which could be pin-pointed at, for the sad state of the children now. But yes, their life can be made worth it. Parents should give them some time to talk about their worries and also make it a point to let them enjoy activities they truly love. Indulging in a hobby once in a while will make children well-rounded individuals.
While studies should be top priority, let us not forget that children are human beings too. Let them be. Let them revel in the glory of childhood.
What are your views?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Then and Now

  1. Blame it on nuclear families, working parents, CBSE syllabus etc. These are the reasons why children are sent to tutions right from lkg or are hooked on to tab, mobile or TV, which is very sad. If possible parents should try to spend some quality time with their children. What’s the point of having children if you can’t guide them in the right path or be a role model to them. Children always look up to us for inspiration and they learn more from their parents. So, it’s our duty to set a good example to them.

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