The Power Of Numbers

As strange as it may seem, most aspects of our lives are measured in numbers. Age. Weight. Height. Salary (and indirectly, status). Intelligence. Economical Condition. Likes on social media. Storage capacity of cell phones. 

As fascinating as it may sound, have you ever felt that numbers have been given too much of importance? Over-rated might be a better word. 

Of course, not at all times. In some cases, such as economy, numbers do play a significant role. But otherwise? That’s what it has merely come down to. Judging people on the basis of “numbers.” Why is it that people are guaged to be intelligent or not based on their examination scores? A person scoring 90% is perceived to be extremely bright, while one scoring a 50-60% is a no-show. 

When it comes to social media, it’s a worse scenario. Some people are so addicted to them that they decide their popularity on the basis of the “likes” they receive on the posts (and number of “followers” and “friends” they have). And a lack thereof has a severe negative impact on their self-esteem.

Is this what our capabilities have been reduced to? Mere numbers? 

Since when did we start not giving consideration to honesty, sincerity, confidence, respect and other innumerable emotions? 

Again, there are always two sides to every argument. Some things have to be measured in terms of numbers. No doubt about it. 

However, running around and reducing every part of life into mere numbers? No. Not done. 

Look around yourself and see how numbers are overpowering emotions and qualities. And try to replace them. The world would be a much better and more unbiased place to be in. 

16 thoughts on “The Power Of Numbers

  1. Very true….it’s just become a matter of convenience.people have no time to judge others on the basis of emotions.That’s the sad reality.Hope perceptions will change.

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  2. Many of the successful entrepreneurs are college dropouts. Why ? Because they did not give a damn about what these numbers meant. To learn from every aspect of life is important.. not just the books. It’s amazing how we believe everything we read in the book is true we never think out of the box and challenge it. It is important in life to learn from failures rather than books …People who take risks , challenges to prove what they believe in are the intelligent people.

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  3. Very true.Very good writing.People are used to judge every thing in numbers it may be inteligence Richness it’s nearly it’s destiny luck makes a person shine.Am I right?


  4. Very true. We are ruled by numbers. We need to change our thoughts and judge people by the feelings they inherit. Really a good one chets.


  5. It’s true that numbers are used as a yardstick to judge the ability, intelligence, as well as other related qualities of a person but how much does it contribute to the real & true assessment of a person is unpredictable. It is impossible to assess any person on the basis of numericals but this can be one of the yardsticks for the same. It is presumed that if a person is able to perform a given task very efficiently to the satisfaction of the task master it indirectly means that the person could be able to perform other tasks also efficiently. The numbers are given according to the performance of the candidates by the assesser in charge, if the person is impartial & unbiased. True, that a person can’t be judged by a single yardstick ie;number but this is the only tool that can be used to screen innumerable candidates who present themselves for examinations or interviews. Both objective & subjective ways of assessing a no . of candidates may be time consuming, probably impossible within the given time framework. In reality it is very difficult to assess the true ability of a person. Only time & situations will reveal the true ability /nature of a person. A person need not worry about number’s but work sincerity & honestly to the best of his ability. Have patience & endurence. Success comes only after hardwork & application of your knowledge & intelligence. There is no single road leading to Rome, in other words, all roads lead to Rome. Rome was not built in a day. I stop here. Best wishes 😊


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