The Undervalued Love

“A mother’s love is endless.”
“The love between a mother and her child is forever.”
What’s common in all the above? Fairly easy. Mothers.
What’s not so common? Fathers.
People are realising the worth of their mothers, which is absolutely great.
But what about fathers? I feel a father’s love is highly underrated. In bringing up a child, a father has got an equal role too. No, it just isn’t about financially supporting the family. It is much more than that.
Mothers tend to express themselves quite clearly. Whether it is happiness/joy in your achievements, or the anger on your wrong doings. Fathers? They mostly do not express themselves. And let me tell you, it is a very difficult task to not show your emotions. A herculean feat, that is! Deep inside, a father will be jumping with joy for all that you’ve accomplished.
Talking about my father, he is a super-human to me. Whatever I become later on in life, I want his simplicity, affectionate and “unbelievable-but-true” intelligence to rub off on me. I find it absolutely astonishing as to how he manages to say so much without even talking. A man of a few words, whenever he does share his views or opinions with me, I am nothing but awestruck. Like I have pointed out in my blog post Learning: Age No Bar, he is a treasure box filled to the brim with knowledge. Never have I ever seen anyone so well-read and knowledgeable. Which is why, he is someone I want to be.
This may be applicable to all fathers, but I find it really touching as to how much of “hidden concern” there is, in my father. Recently, I had sprained my foot badly and couldn’t walk much at all. The otherwise taciturn father of mine gave all his time for me, trying to entertain me and silently, keeping a close watch over me (yes, I noticed it!). A lump formed in my throat looking at this side of him. I was rendered speechless.
Contradictory to the stereotypical nature of fathers, my father wants me to be economically independent. I think I would have made the biggest mistake of my life (of choosing a stream of study I had no interest in), had he not intervened at the right time and helped me understand and value my own abilities. I love what I study now, and that’s all because of him. To this day, he tells me to pursue whatever I find to be of my interest. Even starting this blog wouldn’t have been possible, had it not been for his encouragement.
A mother’s role in her children’s life overpowers that of a father’s. While people go on about how great a mother is, no one sees a silent yet observant father in the backstage, who fulfills the needs of his children without uttering a single word. I have now realized how difficult it is for a father, to not express his feelings and emotions towards his child. That, to me, is the strongest trait of a person, and which only a father can possess.
It’s high time people understand the hugely under-valued role of a father in their life.
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Here’s a hilarious video on fathers , to tickle your funny bone!
Until next time, stay blessed and stay happy!
P.S. “Methodical Musings” has now turned into “The Soulful Nib“, in case you haven’t noticed. I would love to know your thoughts about it and also about this blog post in the comments. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The Undervalued Love

  1. Beautiful and really true😍 father is always every childs superman😘 so lets not hesitate to tell him😍😘


  2. Very well written ! As you grow up and start taking responsibilities you will realize how great and wonderful your parents are. I can’t thank my father and mother for raising 2 emotionally and economically independent daughters who do not fear to take on any challenge in life.


  3. Great chethan for nice words on father’s. Your father uday bavaji is great and deserves what you wrote.


  4. Very good thoughts about father, dear Chetana. People start realising about their father’s love, commitment & concern for his children only when they become fathers( or when they reach certain level of maturity ) which would be very late .You realise & understand the true meaning of what you aleady know about your parents only with the passage of time.
    For me, the father & the mother constitute a single unit – a bundle of unconditional love, sacrifice & concern (care ) beyond imagination. Recently I read somewhere, something about the definition of a mother and a father – ie; One who loves you till the last breath is the mother. The one who loves you without any expression in the face is the father. The Mother symbolises ideology & the father symbolises reality. The Mother prevents you from fall but father teaches you how to get up & rise after the fall. Mother’s love is known to you from birth, but fathers love you will realise only after becoming a father & it goes on like this. So, you go on enjoying what your father says but keep on loving your mother. Who said that fathers love is not understood?. To understand fathers love you should attain certain level of maturity & should be able to perceive things in their proper perspectives. Only when you attain the ability to stand on such a platform then you Will start realising things in their proper perspectives. Each Father’s language of expressing things is different. So first, you have to understand this. Some fathers appear harsh but in reality they are not. They have such hearts which is lovelier than lovely. In reality, fathers are a bundle of love with no limits which is deliberately hidden as they feel that it is not necessary to show off what they want to do for their children. Take it from me, that fathers never feel bad if children give more importance to their mothers because he himself knows the importence of the mother’s love which he also had enjoyed as a kid. The memories of the parents are evergreen in the minds of everybody irrespective of their age.
    Your father is also not an exception to the general rule ( about fathers ) . What you have written about your father is very true. Your admiration for him is really highly appriceable. God bless you for understanding the finer feelings of your father & being grateful to him. Remember one thing -” Some people speak a thousand words without conveying anything & some people convey everything without uttering a single word “. God bless all fathers. Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu. 😊😊

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  5. This is the most beautiful message I’ve read since a long time. Really made my day.
    Thank you so much for reading my post. Your comment has made my writing seem worthwhile.
    Thank you again!


  6. Very nicely written Chinnu.. Every dad is a superhero to their children.. The sad part is this is often unsaid..


  7. Both father and mother love us (children) unconditionally but they express it in different way. Things are changing slowly though. Our children play with their dad just like they play with me or talk to him about any problems like they do with me. They are scared of him or me only when they do mistakes. I am glad that they are growing up to enjoy our love equally and that they can go to any one of us if they need help. Dad’s now a days take responsibility at home to being up their children because many mum’s go to work too.
    On the other hand, what you said is very true. Our generation has realised over time, that though dad’s behave like they have a heart of stone actually have lot of unexpressed hidden love.

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