A Friendship’s Worth

What is Friendship? Does it mean clicking dozens on selfies? Or spending time with each other every day?

It doesn’t mean just that. There is so much more to add!

Friendship means being there for each other, not necessarily physically. Friendship means trusting each other and showing loyalty. Friendship means something which adds value to your life, and makes it worthwhile.

It’s fascinating how friendships change with times! At school, a person who shares a chocolate with you, or sits next to you, becomes a best friend. As you become matured, so do your friendships. Friends need not have the same likes and dislikes. Their personalities may differ. Yet, they manage to flourish. That, is the power of understanding, faithfulness, enthusiasm and so much more put together.


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I’ve made quite a few friends over the past few years. They are nothing like I am and I am nothing like them. We all just came together, like a patchwork quilt. Each has her own individuality and when put together, we make a beautiful combination. I feel that we instinctively learn to make the right friends after a certain age.

At times, when I feel low or stressed out, I call my best friend and talk to her for hours together. Our conversation starts with college and ends with something totally different, say, food?! 😀 And afterwards, I feel happier and lighter. Try it. You’ll not regret this.

Sometimes, the strength of friendships are not proportionate to the number of years they’ve lasted. A year-long friendship could be as genuine as the one which lasts for many years.

I know of some people who have had lifelong friends, for over 3-4 decades. And it’s a beautiful thing to witness that they haven’t changed at all.

The longest friendship I’ve had is for around 16 years. In fact, one is a fellow blogger at Another one of those Pensive Pieces and I know she’s reading this blog post. She makes it a point to read all of my posts at the earliest possible instance. Our choices are different, they study something totally different from what I do, we don’t even meet frequently. But we cherish this bonding we have.

To give a few examples, the most celebrated friendships I can think of are that of Lord Krishna and Sudama, where status did not matter. The friendship of Tom and Jerry, where they fight with each other constantly but when a third person tries to hurt either, they form the best team ever. The friendship of Joey and Chandler (of the TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S), who back each other at tough times.

Another thing about friendships is that they need not be with people of the same age group. And that adds to the beauty of it.

To me, having one true friend means much more than having hundreds of friendships which mean nothing.

I do not believe in friendship days, by wishing each other for one day, tying “bands” on each other’s arm somehow just doesn’t appeal to me. True friendship is not restricted to one day.

Hardly a number countable on fingers, but my friends mean a LOT to me and will always hold a special place in my heart.

7 thoughts on “A Friendship’s Worth

  1. Im lucky to have a friend like you😍 main reason for the underrated friendships now a days is the trust which is lost☺


  2. This post reminds me of my daughter who is 6 years old. She came up to me other day, upset and told me,”I don’t have any friends in school. How do we make friends?” I told her as you grow up you’ll know who can be your friend. Friendship doesn’t happen in a day. It builts up gradually.
    Iam still in contact with my childhood friend and it’s been 3 decades. Even after so many years, even though we don’t talk for months as she stays abroad, we do catch up sometimes and it’s so refreshing. Just like you said it.


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