Learn To Love Yourself

Hello readers! 

When we browse the internet or go through social media feeds, it’s quite common to find hundreds of “motivational” quotes. Some of them stress on how we must be selfless; love and respect people around us. What these quotes don’t say very often is about the most important person in your life, whom you should shower the most of your love on. You. Yes, love yourself. 

In today’s world, the saying “do good to others, and they’ll treat you well”, somehow just doesn’t fit. We are taught to not be self-centred and show compassion, love, kindness, and all such related nouns and adjectives, towards others. True, we should be. 

But let me tell you the harsh truth. No one really cares about you in this world (except for your parents, siblings and maybe another handful of family members and friends). I repeat. No one bothers about you, and so, it is totally up to you to take care of yourself first. 

We often criticise ourself to such an extent that we feel we are good-for-nothing. There’s no one in this world who is good-for-nothing. There’s something in each of us which makes us the person we are. Learn to embrace that “something.” Learn to love yourself. Everything else will follow. Sometimes, it’s totally fine to be selfish. Sometimes though πŸ˜›

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You may ask me, how do I love myself? Here’s how. Sit in a place where you feel happy and comfortable, maybe plug on some music which you enjoy, and think. Think about what brings joy to you. Think about what makes you and your life worth it. Simple joys. Think about what you want to become, and how you would want to live your life. You could start with activities or hobbies which you truly love doing.  Take care of yourself, be healthy and fit. Trust me, they’ll work wonders. No matter how boring it may seem to others, they are not you. You are the hero of your life, no one else. Make your life such that someday you’ll be proud of yourself. 

At the end, it’s only you. You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else.

14 thoughts on “Learn To Love Yourself

  1. You nailed it!! We can only give things that we have.. So we can love others only if we have love for ourself.. πŸ˜‰


  2. Its very true, most of the people do lot for others but when it comes to tgemself, they ignore or postpone may ve health or some pleasure for themselves. Every one should love themself which will make them more happy, healthy. Well written.

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  3. Well written. It is believed that if you have good health, a sound , beautiful mind and heart, you will be the most beautiful person in the universe. So to have these qualities, the first and foremost rule is to love yourself. Take care of smallest things of yourself and in return you can give the best of yourself. This is what i feel. When you respect yourself you are surely going to respect others whom you meet.
    Keep writing and stay blessed 😘

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  4. A thoughtful thought very well highlighted, Chetana. Of course it’s true that you should love & take care of yourself first then only you can take care of others, if you wish. Giving love to others is a divine act. Love never gets exhausted by giving. It’s just like lighting hundreds of candles with a single lighted candle yet the original candle never looses it’s brightness. This is the magic of giving. You will get back what you give. If you want respect give respect others , if you want to be loved give love to others, if you want a smile smile at others ( your close ones ). Take the example of a mother who gives her love to her children. without expecting anything in return, may be at the expense of her own happiness. When you give something give it wholeheartedly. It will come back to you, may be not from the same person but from others. You may be aware of the sloka very often said by elders—Karmanyae Vadikaraste ma phaleshu Kadachana, ma karmaphala hae tururbu ma sangostva karmanae.; meaning, do your good work but don’t expect anything in return, leave it to God, do your work ( shower love ) & march forwards. Only loving & living for others will make you happy & at peace. Happiness which is found in giving is not there in taking or being selfish. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice everything for others. I mean you can always be happy by loving others without compromising your own wellbeing. Live & let live is worth mentioning here. A good human being always finds happiness in helping others, being kind & considerate to others – all acts of love in a different version. The final conclusion is that we can love others without compromising loving oneself. Everything is possible for a loving soul, a good heart, & a clear conscience with a clean mind. Keep writing. God bless.😊


  5. Life becomes hectic and occupied with family or work as time passes by and we forget ourselves amidst all these. Making our family happy becomes priority and there’s no time to think about ourselves, and when the time comes either we are old or weak. It’s very true that we have to be a little bit selfish here and take time for ourselves and not feel guilty about it. There’s nothing wrong in it.

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