The Mantra To Live Your Life

Hello there! I’m back after a long, long break from blogging.
Before I begin my blog post, let me ask you a question. Okay, not me. This is something you need to ask yourself.
When was the last time you laughed your heart out, without giving a thought to the people around you?
No. I do not mean the time you laughed at a silly WhatsApp forward, I mean “laughing so much that your stomach starts hurting” kind of laugh. I’m sure you are finding it hard to recollect. That’s what our lives have come down to. Working constantly to make our lives happy, and forgetting to be happy in the process. Ironic, isn’t it?
There’s a saying which goes like this:
“Sometimes when you’re looking for an answer, you search everywhere else before you take a look at what’s right in front of you.
The same saying applies to us, we search for every possible resource in the world to know the “ways” in which we can possibly lead a happy and successful life. Be it motivational speakers and what not. But, what they do not tell us is how to just “live.”
You see the difference? Leading a life and living a life mean totally two things, in my opinion.
Getting back to the saying, you may ask, what is right in front of me that will teach me to live? The answer is unsurprisingly, children.Or babies, or kids, or whatever name by which you want to call them.
Have you ever stopped for a moment and looked at the way children spend their time? In genuine bliss, happiness which shines on their faces when they play, or dance, or draw. I feel there’s so much we can learn from kids. Plainly by observing them. Look at the way they find joy in scribbling in their babyish handwritings on a piece of paper. Look at the way they forget the world when they are playing. Look at the way they laugh. It’s music to ears to listen to a baby’s laugh. They don’t need jokes or videos to make them laugh. They know how to be content with whatever is given to them.
Kids enjoy their present, but do we? Even if we are enjoying something, we keep planning or worrying about the future, rather than fully being in the moment. Kids think creatively but we have restricted our creativity and seldom does it get out of the box, and we complain that our lives have become monotonous and drab. Who is to blame?
We may feel that we are happy with our lives. However, have you observed kids playing with a heap of sand, trying to build their beautiful castles? Every single gravel brings joy on their faces.

Do we know to do any of these? Can we say that with confidence? I don’t think so. Every action we do, every step we take, we question ourselves whether it is right or wrong. We have become slaves of our thoughts, these thoughts are our remote and we are the machines run by them. Our lives have turned so robotic, we wake up and go about our day just the way we did the previous day, and the same routine continues every single day.
So, take time out for yourself today, and do something which makes you happy, without thinking about the outcome. Think that your thoughts have run out of batteries and you are working without them, fairly well. 😀
Take time to live like a child does. You won’t be let down, I assure you. Spend a day or two with a gang of kids and you will be surprised at how happy it makes you feel. You will gain years of energy and positivity by doing it. Try it out!

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15 thoughts on “The Mantra To Live Your Life

  1. Hey chetana! Glad to be reading your post after such a long time.
    As always, you’ve done a great job.
    Happiness these days is mostly based on materialistic things. People forget that no matter What the situation, there is always something to be happy about. We just need to look for it.
    Excellent work!

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  2. Really a thought provoking write up, Chetana. Yes true, we often forget to see ,around us, at simple things which may make us happy – yes for eg. Children, animals & their young ones, nature, people with positive attitude who are always optimistic, good singing with music & jovial people cutting jokes, so on & so forth. The concept happiness varies from person to person & also from time to time. Things about which some people may feel happy, others may not feel so or what you feel happy about, today , you may not feel the same about it tomorrow. It’s not always easy to be happy always. After all, we are just human beings who are likely to be affected by the day-today happenings in life. Happiness & sorrow are part & parcel of life. It comes in package the day we are born. We have to accept the fact. We come to know the value of happiness only after going through a difficult phase in life & coming out of it successfully. Like, passing an exam with a high rank or distinction after years of hardwork & perseverence. You not only make yourself happy but also your parents & wellwishers. May be Iam going away from the main point – ie;You often forget to see around at simple things which gives us happiness. Yes, I always feel that you should do anything & everything that makes you happy provided you don’t hurt or harm others in the bargain. Remember, you laughter should not be a reason for pain for others as told by Charlie Chaplin, a century ago, the famous comedian who made the whole world laugh only by his actions.
    Anyway it is left to us to be happy always in whatever way we can & make others also happy – by the words we speak, by the action / work we do & the last and very important is by sharing love, concern & other things which God has been kind to bless us with. Living for others & helping others also makes one happy.
    Good writing & good take home message dear Chetana. Great going, get going. God bless.

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  3. Yaaa its very TRUE Spending time with kids gives us energy, and v can forget our robotic life with them .


  4. Nice write up Chinnu and I asked myself the questions …and yes I laugh my heart out almost everyday be it at work with colleagues, at home with Vasu and Amogh or any where else with friends or relatives. Why ??? because 1) I have completely stopped worrying about what happens next….I do what I have to do …and let life take its course 2) I have unwavering faith in God so there is no reason to worry at all. 3) I speak my mind so people see the “real” me and not to a “fake” me who just wants to impress people so that they be around them. You need people who like the “real” you not the “fake”. I am still working on 3) its not easy …..

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  5. Nice , blog post. Good to see you back in action after a short ( long😁break).
    Mantra to happy life, topic is very interesting and it is most needed to each and everyone.
    Now a days our life has become so hectic and monotonous, everyone, has forgotten to enjoy the present beautiful, precious moment, and even when there is a enjoyable present moment in our hand, we often think of the future and seldom enjoy the present happy moments.
    I would like to quote a beautiful line,
    ” A bird in hand is better than a bird in the bush”
    We , the so called mature people by age( most appropriate is immature 😁 people) always worry about the past or the so called uncertain future, and always spoil the beautiful happy present…..
    I would like to be placed in-between a gang of kids and spend my day where there is unlimited laughter, fun, …..list goes on rather than in between gossip filled tension filled grown ups.
    I have watched kids , play , fight, exchange whatever they have( it can be a piece of pencil, chalk, craft paper, crayon,….) And it a pleasure to watch how happy they are in experiencing, tiny joys of present moment and be happy.
    I have felt most relaxed after a laughter filled discussion and get together , (with anyone) and I always find a occasion, where I get this most precious” VITAMIN HAPPINESS”.

    Keep writing, and I always admired your writing and blog posts.
    May God bless you and stay blessed 😘

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