“Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”: The World is One Family (Guest Post)

Hello readers!
The blog post which you will be reading now, is not written by me. This particular practice about which the blog post talks, is something I am trying to inculcate in my life, by observing someone who is pretty good at it. And so, I thought why not ask the same person to write this blog post? So yes, this is a guest post, written by none other than my mother! I hope you enjoy reading this and learn something from it.
Life is a blessing. Imagine an alternate universe, where there would be no concept of relationships. Sounds weird?
We feel that we are the most intelligent living beings in this universe. But the question is: “Are we?”
We are bound together, solely due to relationships. Father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grand father, grand mother, niece, nephew, cousin, boss, employees, friends, the list goes on and on..
All the above “so-called” relationships exist by default. But to build a relationship and maintain it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
Nevertheless, it is not a difficult task. A mere smile can do wonders. Just try this simple trick. Try to wish ‘Good Morning’ to a person whom you meet everyday during your morning walks, a namaste to the store keeper when you go to purchase household items, a simple ‘Thank you’ to the person who helps you in times of need. Do you get the idea? Rest assured, the look on their faces when you do so, will be worth it. Also, never address a person by their mode of work, like watchman, delivery person, garbage collector, postman, instead, try to know their names and the next time you talk with them, address them by their name. It definitely works and you are sure to earn a look of gratitude from them, with this kind of gesture. This is my personal experience in the store where I go to purchase our monthly groceries.
To get my point across, I would like to share an incident that happened to me. I had forgotten my membership card at an apparel store and I was worried whether I will ever get it back. After a few days when I went back to the same store, I was surprised to see the store incharge had kept my card safely with her. She recognised me and handed it over to me. This all happened just because I had a small conversation with her about her in my earlier visit. “Small acts of kindness will be rewarded greatly.” Hence proved in my case. 😃
And not to mention, when it comes to family, it is always better to maintain a smooth and healthy relationship. Even though we tend to hurt our close relatives unintentionally, it is in our hands to immediately sort out the problem and set it right. “A stitch in time saves nine” proverb is the most appropriate here. Before the matter goes to such an extent that is becomes irreparable, it is better to sort it out in the initial stage. No matter who makes the mistake, there is no harm in taking the first step toward extending an apology.
If your family members stay in another city, state, or country, calling them once in a while, and having a conversation for a few minutes is more than enough to fine tune a relationship. Try to remember the special dates like birthday, anniversary, and wish them.
Nowadays, people have become machines and relations have become a huge matter of concern. We should teach our younger generation to build strong and healthy relationships.
( I mean to say that even though, we don’t have a true friend, we have thousands on Facebook and other social media)
My friends range from a tiny toddler of age four, to a beautiful young lady in her late eighties😁. This tiny toddler has grown now, but he still remembers me. If the lady in her eighties and I meet after a long time, we converse from where we had stopped before. All this happens because I believe in building relations. My favourite pastime is to have conversations with people from different age groups. When I meet new people, it gives me happiness to know about them.
Knowing that a person remembers who you are and how much they value you is an immense source of happiness.

I would like to write my favourite saying in Sanskrit: “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” which means “the world is one family.”
Treat everyone like your family, and you will surely be blessed with more wonderful relationships.

12 thoughts on ““Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”: The World is One Family (Guest Post)

  1. Very well written Summy my dear pagru mai. You have indeed mastered it ….always feel happy when you are around :* Loving unconditionally without any expectation is very important and that is what I am trying to inculcate.

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  2. VASUDEVA KUTUBAKAM, V will come to know the real mening of this when v need BLOOD in emergency. That time v never ask which cast,religion,whatever.God created this mankind with blood groups which shows that all of us r family member’s of ONE CREATOR. YES as u wrote a small act of Kindness will be rewarded greatly.When i was a clerk in a bank in Bombay city in our busy working time customer expect us give him personal and fast service.Knowing it i use greet him and use tell after a period u came to bank and use to tell him i will write the pass book a keep it ready for next day.But my humble request made him happy and he says no problem for a week.I too great people whom i come across regularly in my morning walk.If i dont go for walk one or two days when they ask my absence i feel very happy that somebody feels my absence.FINALLY Dear Summy as u said MY FAVORITE TIME IS ALSO having conversation with GOOD PEOPLE.Hope u will write many more which makes read and also very happy.GOD BLESS YOU

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