Living with a Childlike Enthusiasm

Hello readers! This blog post is the second part of The Mantra To Live Your Life.

In the above mentioned blog post, I wrote about how we need to learn to live a happy life from children.
This question might have crossed your mind: “It’s easy to say, but difficult to follow in reality.” And so, to answer this question which is in all of our minds, I’m going to write about two people in my life who are perfect examples of having a childlike attitude towards their own lives.
One is my maternal aunt, and another, my paternal aunt. They are the epitome of women who break the stereotypical image of “retired women”, and instead enjoy their lives as if they were youngsters.

Let me begin with my maternal aunt (mother’s sister). She’s the eldest among all the sisters, yet lives each day with so much of gusto and energy. After her retirement, she reconnected with her love for music and spends her time singing bhajans at the neighbourhood temple. At her age, when people complain about aches and ailments, she passionately helps people in finding solutions to their health issues, solely through yoga. You name any kind of pain, she’s ready with the solution almost instantaneously. What’s more is that she ensures that the person has been benefitted by her solutions and keeps checking on them. For your information, she isn’t a doctor. It is solely through her experiences that she educates people about the benefits of yoga. She has even provided solutions to me and keeps asking me every now and then as to how I’m benefitting by it. Despite being one of the eldest in our whole extended family, she is the only person who totally enjoys every event or occasion in the family, be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and get togethers. To elaborate, she finds immense joy in bursting the balloons and smearing cake icing on anyone and everyone, especially the person who celebrates his/her birthday on that day. Also, she once even brought a gunny bag full of paper shreds, just to throw it on everyone’s faces, making the atmosphere joyful and eventful. Unsurprisingly, everyone went with the flow, all due to her magnetic enthusiasm.
Be it any occasion, you are sure to find her taking the lead and mingling with people of all ages, interacting with them, and managing to hold their attention. Additionally, she finds happiness in dressing up with a lot of bling and designer sarees. Any girl would be put to shame looking at her impressive collection of imitation jewellery. Not kidding, but she actually has a suitcase full of imitation jewellery in every shape, size and colour imaginable.
Up next is about my paternal aunt (father’s sister). Coincidentally, she shares her enthusiasm for yoga with my maternal aunt. No one would manage to guess her right age just by looking at her. Seriously, she looks at least 10-15 years younger than her age. And behaviour-wise, she is a total teenage girl.😛 What sets her apart from her age group is her pure love for dancing. Yes, you read that right! She is by no means a professional, but loves to dance just the way she wants to. Recalling a funny instance, when I visited her place some months ago, there was some dance video playing on the television (Zumba, if I’m not mistaken). But more than watching the video, I found watching her more interesting. She was so absorbed by the dance steps, she started tapping her feet and swaying slowly, all this she did unknowingly. It has so happened once, that she started dancing so seriously for a catchy song in a function along with the others, that she forgot the surrounding and the people around her 😀. One more hilarious incident I recall about her antics is that she tried to imitate some complicated dance step from some video that she sprained her leg in the process. She was advised rest for a few days, but she couldn’t wait to start dancing again. Another feather in her cap is her liking towards swimming. Almost everyone in my paternal family knows swimming, but she is the one who diligently practises it till date. Oh, not to forget, she’s a wonderful singer too and her forte is “Naatya Sangeet.” 

When my aunts can live their lives like this, why can’t we? Everyone’s life has become stressful and mechanical now, that they do not make time to live some moments like a child, at least once in a while. Having a childlike attitude and enthusiasm will do wonders to your mind, body and soul. For sure, it isn’t going to harm you.
Let me clarify that being childish and childlike are two different attitudes. Both my aunts know when to be serious and act according to their age, and when to be childlike. Perfectly balancing both qualities is by no means an easy task. And they have mastered this as well. I’m trying to inculcate at least some of their qualities in me. Just like Venn diagrams, hope I get some common qualities from both my aunts.

Until the next post, stay happy and be childlike!


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25 thoughts on “Living with a Childlike Enthusiasm

  1. Great blog post Chetana.
    It is a pleasure to read the way you write. We get connected with your article instantaneously, as it comes directly from your heart.
    Try searching for some men who have the same enthusiasm towards life ,and I am eagerly awaiting to read about it.
    Keep writing, God bless you.

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  2. I am one of the friend of your maternal aunt mentioned in your blog.i fully agree with it,mentioning all as we observe.i congratulate for your flow in language and the way in nicely put the things.well done, keep it up.God bless.

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  3. Chinnu superb, excellent, very good. Salute to you for nicely expressing your thoughts, its a eye opener to others too to enjoy the life. Great.

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  4. Hi, Very nice writing n from this article I follow your writing. All the best for the future.
    About Sunandakka its 101% correct.
    Everytime when I was in a little low she encourage n fill positive energy… We need more people like her around us.
    Thanks for the nice article

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  5. Very nice Chetana! Your reference to your aunts is wonderful! Whatever you have written about Geeta is cent percent correct. Keep it up Chetu 😊

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  6. Very nice write up !!! You are a very positive person and stay that way ! Child like enthusiasm, cultivating a hobby and being passionate about it, having a few good friends who like to spend time with you is as important doing things for your family.

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  7. Well written Chetana.Sunandakka’s belief in the goodness of life,her child like enthusiasm is indeed infectious.


  8. Hi Chethana,I know your maternal aunt very well.Whatever you wrote about her is centpercent correct.Our Bhajan group loves the way she dresses like a young girl.She looks graceful evenafter dressing like that.Loved your expressions about her,wishing you ALL THE BEST.

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  9. You are fortunate to have these aunties in your life! Yes the type of people you mention are blessed with an infectious magnetism and are a blessing to the world around them!

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  10. Awesome write up as always Chetu..keep it up..we are truly blessed to have these positive people around us and need to be motivated by their enthusiasm and attitude towards life.

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