A refreshingly new show (for the Indian audience), “TED Talks India Nayi Soch” was recently launched on TV. It’s a much needed change from the otherwise mind-numbing soap operas which air on TV.
The show hosted by the charming Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, showcases speakers from different corners of India and brings to fore issues that are relevant in today’s world. The theme for last week’s episode was “Power of Words.” As the episode progressed, I was struck with the thought of how words form our life.
Our words can solely make or break our lives. As astounding as it may seem, the reality is that we are slaves to our words.
Only a rare minority of people are gifted with the art of thinking before speaking. The vast majority are of the category of people who just speak their minds without giving it a second thought. Which is why, we must learn to choose our words wisely and carefully, however hard it may seem.
Something that happens often when people communicate is how the words they speak are interpreted by the other. For instance, I may, in good nature, jokingly tell you that you are crazy. But how you interpret it may totally be in another way. Instances like these can bring cracks in relationships. That’s just how important our words are!
The popular saying “Think before you act” comes to my mind as I write this. Let me tweak it slightly by saying “Think before you TALK.” Initially, it will be hard to do that. Trust me when I say that I’m terrible when it comes to choosing my words carefully as I talk. It’s a herculean task and I’m trying my best to ace it someday. If you are one of those rare persons who think before talking, please let me know in the comments 😃
Getting back to TED Talks India, this one particular person whose name I have forgotten, but I do remember that she is child psychologist, gave some lovely wisdom about the power of words as she spoke. I would like to list them down for you, with my own interpretations about it.
  1. Listen with your heart, not ears : We often make this mistake of not giving a patient ear to the person sharing his/her thoughts. Harsh truth, but when someone is talking about his/her worries/experiences, we would be thinking of what to reply instead of actually listening completely to them. If we just try and listen to them with full attention, maybe the conversation could turn into an enriching and memorable one, which we can remember for a fairly long time.
  2. Don’t tell, but ask : Who doesn’t like giving out advice to everyone and anyone who come to them? The person might have just come to share his/her thoughts, but we are all ready with our list of advices to throw up. Instead, wouldn’t it be great if we ask them what it is that’s troubling them and gently coerce them to talk what’s in their heart? Most of the times, all people need is someone who will listen to them, and not to seek advice.
  3. Your words define what you are as a person : This one is slightly different from what was told in the talk. But I found it apt to add this in. Think for a moment, would you like a person who talks politely, or a person whose dictionary is filled with rude words? Of course, you’ll develop an instant liking towards the polite person. That’s what it’s all about! By making a conscious habit of talking politely, and choosing your words prudently, you’ll be surprised at all the respect you receive from others.
  4. Apologise when you commit a mistake : It’s a challenging task to apologise when you make a mistake. Yet, it will do wonders if you do apologise. A simple “sorry” is all that it takes to mend your ways. This is one of my favourite quotes of all time: “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.” How true is that! Sometimes we snap at people just because of something that’s worrying us at that moment, only to regret it after we’ve cooled down. That moment, my friends, is the right moment to apologise and accept that we were wrong.
    IMG_20171220_205229.jpgThese life lessons I’ve learnt from a simple 10-minute talk will be something I will cherish and preserve in my heart. I hope it will be the same to you too!
    That’s all for this post!
    Until the next time, stay blessed.

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12 thoughts on “#PowerOfWords

  1. Dear CHETHANA,Its very true that THINK BEFORE ACT/TALK OR WRITE.Once the word comes out from our mouth u cant take it back.So its always better to think twice or thrice before v talk or act.By mistake if our word or act hurt anybody ,v should not feel small or bad to apologize.Actually when v apolise v feel very light and get relieved from guilty feeling.Dear Chethana God blessed u with big gift,thats your writting style.Eventhough v r much elder to u your writting skill and matter makes us feel to think.YOUR WRITTING R THOUGHT PROVOKING .

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  2. Hello Chetana, nice article once again from your treasure ☺️. Not as simple as it looks and having great depth as well. Being in a society, we must execute our power of words with a measure called ’empathy’. Our words are capable to ‘make or mar’ someone ‘s day!
    As you rightly pointed, patient listening itself is a solution for many problems. That is what exactly a counselor and psychiatrist do.
    So I think, using words judicially and empathetically is the key for harmonious life.

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  3. One more meaningful as well as thoughtful message ” power of words ” effectively presented as usual by the blessed writer Chetana . Yes, very often we don’t give much importance to the words we speak, our actions, gestures, body language & the way we carry ourselves eventhough trivial , may have profound effect on others. Without our knowledge, the words we speak may hurt others directly or indirectly. It is always better to look at the face of the listener, when we talk , to see the changing expression in his / her face & stop talking when the facial expression is not favourable. A good speaker knows how to use the proper words at the proper time to make his listener comfortable & also he knows when not to speak. There is a saying that, you should speak in such a way that the listener feels like going on listening & you should listen in such a way that the speaker feels like going on speaking.
    While speaking, choose the right words so that you don’t hurt the listeners in any way. The words & the tone we use may either inspire a person or depress him /her. The words that come out of our mouth reflect the type of person we are – whether a positive thinker or a person with negative attitude. A person with a healthy mind will never use unhealthy words. It is always better to think before you speak. Words once
    goes out of the mouth cannot be taken back.
    You can forget the physical injury caused by a person but not the the mental trauma caused by his / her painful words spoken. Words like – May I help you, Sorry , How are you? – Such words of care & concern play magic in the mind of the listener. God has given us a tongue which can be used for either a good or bad purpose. Why not use it in a good way to bring smiles in the faces of the people surrounding us, may be our near & dear ones.
    Speak always good words, right words & words of kindness. It is free – doesn’t cost anything. If we can help others by our good words why not do it. Kind words are always remembered . What we give will come back to us in some way. So think good, speak good & do good, good things will happen.
    Good message – continue writing. GOD bless ☺👍

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