Attention! Seek No Validation

Hello readers!
Picture this. You create something nice. Maybe it’s a drawing, or some recipe that you tried out. Whatever it is that has brought joy to you in its making. You decide to post it on your social media profiles. Sure! Go ahead. We all do have the power of expression and freedom. But, once you do post, don’t you feel the urge to constantly check how many views or likes or comments you have got on your upload? And when you do check and find the numbers to not be up to your expectations, your heart sinks. “Why did I upload this image? No one likes it!. You mentally chide yourself and feel dejected.
And this happens every time you post something online. This isn’t even limited to what you post on social media. We seek appreciation and validation in almost everything we do.
That’s right. Validation. What has happened to us is that instead of enjoying what brings us joy, we seek validation from others on whether it is worth it. Initially, when I started this blog, I used to wonder whether what I write is worth it. Whether people enjoy reading it, or should I write something intellectual and well-researched, rather than writing what’s on my mind. But as the number of blog posts increased, my confidence soared too. My blog is 30+ posts old at the moment, and when I look back, I have no regrets over any of the previous blog posts I have written.
If I try to emulate what the top bloggers are writing, won’t all the blogs be the same to read?
I still try convincing myself that I’m good enough, and fine just the way I am.
We must stop seeking approval from the world around us. Instead if we take a moment to cherish the way we are, in no time we will start being the real us, and not a replica of the rest of the crowd.
Do you like a different genre of music than the rest of your friends? Go ahead and enjoy it, instead of trying to force yourself to like what others are listening to. Cannot understand the hype behind that “cool” movie everyone is watching, but you don’t find interesting? Don’t watch it if it isn’t what you enjoy. The same applies to the books, thoughts, views and opinions that almost everyone has about everything. If you do not agree, you do not have to compel yourself to think that way. Choose to listen to you and only you.
All might agree that 1+1=2, but if you feel that 1+1=3, so be it! You can have your own conclusions on matter, and they do not have to match what the rest are saying. The harshest truth is that most of the opinions people have about almost everything isn’t really theirs. They too might have heard it from someone and without giving any thought to it, might have passed it on as their own idea. Also, if you cannot have an opinion on a certain issue, you don’t have to. Sometimes it’s better to stay silent. Silence is golden, as it is said.
This quote from Marcus Aurelius strikes a chord:
Validation Blog Post
Embrace what you really are, and stay true to yourself. You’ll be happier.
Until the next time, stay blessed! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Attention! Seek No Validation

  1. This is amazing! Chetana, you’ve tapped onto something that I have caught myself worrying about numerous times
    Validation has become very ingrained in our minds these days. And it’s high time we get out of it

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  2. Kudos to you, Chetana! Every time you present a different yet thought provoking subject in a neat, crisp manner.🏀
    Validation has been a very intrinsic matter from time immemorial. The expression has only changed over the years. Thanks to social media! People are being carried away by this fancy idea that they are keen to show off something which is not real and lead a fake life.
    The ones who disagree with this fact are considered outdated and left out. That is the harsh reality 😑

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