“Be? Is that the title of your blog post?”, you may ask me. Yes. That’s all. Be.
A two-letter word, but is probably the most difficult activity we could do. Just be.
I am the kind of person who loves lists. Each day of mine is planned out on a to-do list (digitally, of course, since I am on a mission to reduce paper usage). But yes, there’s always a list of things that I need to get done for the day waiting for me. Big tasks, small tasks. I’m so obsessed with to-do lists, that I find my day go by worthless if I don’t make a to-do list for that day. Productivity is at its peak, for sure. But I’ve lost something important, and that is to be still. I find it hard to sit quietly without doing anything, even if it’s for 2 minutes.
It sounds strange, but I am sure I am not alone in this. Maybe you too cannot be still for a moment, and you realise this now.
Why? Why is it that we cannot sit for a moment without “doing”..? Maybe we are so hungry to consume as much media as we can that the hunger never dies down. Maybe we do not want to listen to what we want to tell ourselves.
We have lost the art of communicating with ourselves. To talk to who we are as a person. The inability to collect our thoughts. It’s all because we cannot just be. We have also taken our surroundings for granted. When was the last time you looked at each and every corner of your room clearly? When was the last time you appreciated your furniture, your belongings, and well, yourself? Can’t remember? Exactly my point.
It’s rather funny, but when I do try to clear my mind of all thoughts, all that I do manage to remember is that annoying, irritating song which I hate so so much. Does it happen to you too?
This is not a blog post on HOW one can be still, well because I too do not know how.
At times I am so engrossed in whatever I am doing that I forget that I have been holding my breath.
Now when I do have some free time at hand, this is what I want to accomplish. To just be and breath in, each moment.
If you look up on the internet about “mindfulness”, you will get tons of articles, videos and what not on how to be mindful. I have lost count on how many of them I have read or watched. But unfortunately, I failed to apply any of the wisdom I collected. I assume this is because by collecting more and more information about the topic, my mind got too cluttered with it. Thus leading to me coming back to square one. But this time around, I am not going to look up on “ways” to be still and be mindful. I am letting my instincts lead me. I find it too hard to meditate (yes, have tried countless number of times and failed). I tried apps for meditation. None worked for me. So be it! If it doesn’t work for me, why should I force it on myself. I find it more attainable to sit quietly and admire our garden for a few minutes.
My mother says that the colour green is very soothing to our eyes, I couldn’t agree more! Taking time out to appreciate nature (this could be staring at the lawn for a few minutes :D) instantly brightens your mood.
So go ahead and give it a try! Just be.
Until the next time, stay blessed! 🙂
Image via Buddha Doodles

8 thoughts on “Be.

  1. It’s actually difficult to still our mind even for a minute.
    Can relate this somewhat to one of your previous posts , “Fear of Missing Out”, where there is too much of information overload which doesn’t allow us “To Be”.

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