Embrace Your Imperfections

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We start out with a new venture or idea with full determination, but somewhere in the process, the interest just fizzles out. Sounds familiar? It’s what we all have been doing since forever. But why would this happen? The answer: We tried to achieve perfection and made big plans as to how we’ll achieve the end goal. But, but.., did we miss out on something here? Of course! We plain forgot to actually implement our plans!
In school, we have read this story about how a milkmaid built castles in the air that she will someday become a rich woman, but in this day-dreaming, dropped the pail of milk on her head.
In the same way, we too imagine what would happen if we achieve our big goals, but never come around to taking the first step. The quick fix to this? Just dive in to the project without a second thought. It does not matter how you start off, and whether you even comprehend what you are doing. All that does matter is that you go forward.
Ever since I got bitten by the organisation and cleanliness bug, I always struggle with trying to do everything perfectly. Be it my class work, assignments, habits, studies, I always made sure I wanted nothing but perfection in them. All this resulted in unnecessary wastage of time. It is now, that I do realise the importance of progress, not perfection.
I’m still trying to overcome perfection, but I do know I have progressed well. As long as I’m working on my goals bit by bit, regularly, perfection is the last thing on my mind.
I was listening to this podcast by Lavendaire, in which her guest speaker spoke of why we must embrace imperfection wholeheartedly. That got me thinking. We have always been conditioned to behave in a certain manner, just because it is “what everyone does.” We have been taught to conceal our flaws and overcome our weaknesses. Where does all this lead to? Break down. And if we somehow do manage to hide our imperfections, we break away from who we really are.
I recently watched the highly acclaimed animation movie “Frozen”, and absolutely loved the whole concept of the movie. The protagonist, Elsa, a princess, has a secret power to freeze anyone or anything that she touches. She is told to conceal her powers after she unintentionally hurts her sister. Midway through the movie when everyone gets to know of her powers, she is shunned, called names. She manages to escape and that’s where she finally accepts her powers out in the open. She “lets go” of all her inhibitions and no longer hides her flaws.
Imperfection Blog Post.png
We too should take this as an inspiration and stop hiding our imperfections. Sometimes, they prove to be a guiding light, and help us stand out. What’s the whole point of each and every person hiding their true self, and being exactly like each other? How can we then, even imagine that we will be unique? It takes grit and trusting oneself to be imperfect. If we constantly look down upon our imperfections, and ignore what’s good about us, we fail to acknowledge our true identity.
“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” ~ Brene Brown
Until next time, stay blessed 🙂
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8 thoughts on “Embrace Your Imperfections

  1. Nice. Liked the title of the article.
    Also the line where your trying to overcome perfection and making progress, highlighting the focus is on the progress, is superb.

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