Find Your Happy Place

Hello readers! So good to be back after quite some time.
Before I begin with this blog post, let me ask you something. Which is your most favourite place? I’m not talking about your favourite holiday destination or country. Your favourite place is something which you can escape to at any given day. A place that makes your heart sing and brings a smile on your face.
For most of the people, it will be their homes. Right?
And I being an introvert, LOVE to be a homebody. I find happiness in being all by myself doing what I love to do. Most of the time it’s watching YouTube videos. 😄
Can you guess what this blog post is all about? Aha! It isn’t about home. It’s about the place OTHER than your home that brings you joy.
As I said, I’m an introvert. I hardly like to go out of my house if given an option. Of late though, I have realised the importance of going out and getting a breath of fresh air. So I try getting out of my cocoon every day. Most of the days it’s going to the nearby grocery store or taking a walk around the neighbourhood.
However, there are two other places that I love to go to regularly.
One is my grandma’s house which is less than a kilometre away from my home. I love spending time with my cousins there. There’s nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than chilling with cousins (who by the way, are those friends who have shared their childhood with you). We like to sit and gossip about random stuff. Our conversations start with something and end with something else. 😆
And the other place which I love going to is our neighbourhood temple. I’m by no means too religious a person. I don’t always go there to pray. In fact, most of the times, I go there just to sit on the stairs lining the whole temple. There’s something absolutely amazing about this particular temple. The moment I enter its premises, it give me strong positive vibes. Above all, I feel at peace being there.
Imagine how you feel coming back home after a long day, how do you feel the moment you step inside home? Relieved, happy? That’s exactly how I feel when I go to this temple. Before I take a new step or an important decision, I always go there. Also there is another thing that I always do. Whenever I accomplish something, small or big, I always go and spend time in the temple for an hour or so. For instance, I had to undergo a training for 2 weeks this month. The day it got over, I visited this temple.
I do not know what is so magical about the temple that makes my heart sing a happy tune and instantly boosts me up. Maybe it is the whole structure of the temple. Maybe it is the calm and quiet, or simply maybe because it makes me grateful to be in that place. Whatever it is. It will always remain my happy place.
Happy Place
Why is there a need to find a happy place apart from home? There may be times when you want to be at some place (other than home) where you can be still and pause for some time. A place which lets you be on your own and allows you to sit and contemplate. Some place that makes you grateful to be there and does wonders to you mood. There must be a happy place for each one of us. It could be any place. The park, a place of worship, even the mall or even a particular street. It’s up to you to figure out what is that place. And once you do find it, never let it go. Make sure you go there often and importantly, it should make you feel at peace.
Have you found your happy place? I would love to know what it is. Do comment below on your thoughts.
Until next time, stay blessed 🙂
Image Credits: Buddha Doodles
Image created via Canva

12 thoughts on “Find Your Happy Place

  1. Nice article. Agreed the happiest place is our home 🙂
    The next happiest place for me is the sea front just to watch the waves lash the shore and retreat, to enjoy the sea breeze and stare away into the horizon .

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  2. Excellent write up. Every person has a happy place, and it is this place where you are comfortable with yourself and you get to be with peace with your inner self. Of course each one has a happy place either in their own place, home …ect.
    My happy place where I get happiest is with my family 😀 I get utmost relaxation when I am surrounded with loved ones.( Of course my children 😍😘😘)
    One of my favourite happy place is when I am with tiny little ones,where I get totally lost . Love to spend hours and hours with tiny toddlers 😍😍
    May God bless you.
    Looking forward for your next blog post.

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  3. Hi chinnu, its very nice blog. Happy you enjoy visiting our home. Keep coming daily. In temple apart from what you have written, tge devine power is there which gives you great satisfaction and good feel. Well written 👌👌👌

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  4. It was as if you spoke my mind for the second half of your writing. My happy place is exactly where your second happy place is. I visit temple every week not because I’m religious. Because there’s something there, which makes us feel great, when sad or happy or anything. I’m surprised how can anyone feel the same like how I feel about this. Thanks , beautiful post ❤️

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