Everyone Has A Story

One of my absolute favourite movies is English Vinglish. The sheer simplicity, yet the impact of the message it conveys bowls me over every time I watch it. Sridevi’s speech at the end has to be the highlight of the movie, for me. The movie can be interpreted in different ways by different people. My interpretation is: Never judge someone until you know what they are going through.
It’s our favourite “hobby” to pass comments on anyone and everyone. And no, it is not our fault. This instinct is ingrained in us. All we did is developed it further. One of my first blog posts “The Stereotypical Life of an Indian” speaks about how stereotypes rule us. Those were based on our gender, appearance and such other traits.
In this blog post, I elaborate on how we judge someone based on their behaviour. Getting back to the example of English Vinglish. Sridevi’s character is judged as “illiterate”. Why? Because she does not know English. She is labeled as ignorant and foolish.
It’s always easy for us right? To sit and assume why the person is behaving the way he/she is. “Maybe she thinks of herself too much.” “He is so arrogant!” And so many more such assumptions. However, do we once try to get to know WHY they are this way? They might be having some worries which they do not want to share. We should respect that and be patient. Not jump to conclusions.
Our mindsets are shaped in such a way that we feel ashamed to share what’s bothering us. Lest it portrays us as weak and vulnerable. For me, people who come forward and open up about themselves are the strongest people. They have the courage to let the world know. It’s high time that we realize that sharing our stories makes us more human, if not anything else.
Everyone Has A Story
We forever whine about the problems we are facing. What may be a problem for us today, might be a minor inconvenience tomorrow. There are so many people out there having no roof over their heads and no food in their plates. Learning about their stories of struggles puts our beliefs into a new light. We surely are the most fortunate of the lot.
I love listening to stories of people’s lives. It shows me the reality and the truth. Sometimes, it also gives me new perspectives. It is astonishing as to how less we all know, unless and until we step into someone else’s shoes. We always think from our points of view, but if we do try to think beyond that, the world will be a much better place. Stories change us in the most unexpected ways.
Keep a watch! The next time before you assume something about someone, get to know The Why.
Stay Blessed!
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12 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Story

  1. Great work chetz!!!🙂
    I think we should really not bother about people judging us…because that’s all they can do😁
    Just follow your dreams and stay happy 🙂

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  2. This is exactly what society needs to know. Wonderful chets. Nobody is perfect but we can change our way of interpreting life of something or someone and make this world a better place to live in.❤️

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