Journaling for the Soul

Hello there, lovely readers!
I had never imagined that I will be able to sustain this blog for beyond a year. Here I am now, close to completing 3 years of blogging. In school, I wasn’t the kind of person who wrote her own stuff. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that I will write, let alone start my own blog. The whole and sole reason that made me think about my writing capabilities has to be my habit of journaling. I have spoken in length about this in my first ever blog post which you can read here.
So, what is journaling? The simplest meaning I can give to it is writing out your thoughts on paper, without any restrictions. Now, there is a difference between writing a diary and journalling. While writing a diary revolves around recording what happened in your life on a particular day, journaling goes deeper. It’s more like a brain dump. You put out all that’s in your mind in writing, be it your worries, happiness, or anything else. And yes, only you read it. No one else.
I do write on my blog, but it isn’t about my life that I write here. I have a separate notebook reserved only for journalling. School days were different where I wrote everyday. Nowadays, I journal as and when I feel the need to. It could be alternate days, once a week or even once a month. For me, the best part about journaling is looking back at how I was years ago and how I am now. There’s no bigger satisfaction than seeing that you have become a much better human being over the years. I have saved all my previous journals (from the very first one I began using in 2010). They are my most prized possessions and I would never ever part with them.
Now the big question, why journal? Most of the times we are in a constant debate with ourselves as to what is right and what is wrong. But when you put it on paper, it helps you to get a clear picture. Maybe it will not solve your problem, but it will help you put things into perspective. A lot of times when I am confused, I journal. And for the most part, I do manage to calm down soon after. 🙂
Also, despite having the best of friends with whom you can share your thoughts, there are bound to be some instances where you do not want to share what’s in your mind with anyone. Again, journalling comes to the rescue.
In this social media world, a new community of like-minded people have emerged, and so has emerged a new variant of journalling called “bullet-journalling.” It is a combination of a planner as well as a journal, where you prepare your to-do lists and track your goals as well as journal, in the same book. A pretty simple concept. But with the increase in its popularity, people have assumed that they cannot start a bullet journal as they lack drawing skills or are not as artistic. If you do not get what I mean, do look up bullet journals on your search engine or on Instagram.
While I have been thinking of starting a bullet journal for a long time, I do feel that at the moment, I do not need one. I am happy with my good old, plain journalling. While my blog is where I share my thoughts with others, my journal is where I share my thoughts with me.
Journalling helped me in realizing my inclination towards writing. It could help you in finding your happiness too! I can vouch for it that once you understand how much journalling can help you, you wouldn’t want to stop. So go and grab that unused notebook lying at home or buy a school notebook at your nearest bookstore and start journaling!
I am linking a few amazing articles about journalling from some of my favourite blogs below. I’m sure you’ll love them!

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