Walking Towards A Happier You!

Hello there!
We all know how important it is to keep ourselves fit and healthy. In fact, I have already written a blog post on the same idea which you can read here. However, generally, when we take up some form of exercise, the only outcome that we think of out of it will be “losing weight”, or “building muscle.” Do we ever feel excited and ready to start exercising when the time comes? Rather we feel like it is such a big task that we need to tick off from our daily to-do list. If we choose a form of exercise which makes us wait to start working out, nothing better than that.
In this health conscious world, there are new forms of exercise sprouting all over the world. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Zumba, Pilates, CrossFit, we have got so many options to choose from! But as they say, too many choices are too confusing. More than anything, we feel the need to follow the herd and do what the rest of the people are doing. Whether we like it or not, we try hard to pursue these forms of exercise. The result? We end up losing interest in a short time.
When I had to decide which form of exercise I wanted to pursue and STICK to, it took no longer than a minute to decide. Walking. Plain, simple, walking. I just had to invest in a pair of good quality walking shoes and I was good to go.
But for me, walking is much more than a form of exercise. And that’s what I am going to talk about in this blog post.
For me, walking is an escape, a hobby that I cannot get enough of. The cherry on top of the cake is that my walking sessions are always accompanied by my mother 🙂. We put on our shoes and get going. Walking stretches across our city. Since my activities for the rest of the day involve sitting, I look forward to my evening walks, where I get some fresh air to breathe and clear my mind.
Since I was one of those lucky kids who had their school and college extremely close to home, I had not explored the city any more than the routes leading to school and college. After I’ve started walking regularly, I’ve got to know so much more about my city! We have walked through a lot of roads which I had not even heard of, let alone see. More than that, I get to see so many people. I love observing people.
What I have inferred from so many years of walking is that we get to explore every nook and corner of the place. Some places are restricted for vehicles but rarely are they, for walking. All you need is some good shoes and walk away! It instantly lifts our mood, makes us more cheerful and there are, of course, the numerous health benefits that it has.
I wait for my walking sessions each day. While getting my daily dose of exercise, I also get some uninterrupted time with my mother. We talk about what happened in our day, and sometimes we also discuss what could I write for my future blog posts. In fact, so many of my blog posts have been structured while we were on our daily walks, including this one. 🙂 Walking does wonders to my mood and boosts my creativity to a large extent.
This Stanford Study shows that walking does boost creative thinking. As the article says, walking helps in bringing in fresh ideas to mind. Our brains do need a break from staring into our screens and they overtime get cloudy. A walk at such times gives our brains the much-needed dose of oxygen and may, in the process, help us think better.
And what’s a better activity which kills two birds with one stone? You work towards your health as well as become a happier person. It’s all about self-care at the end.
Do you like going on long walks? Do let me know in the comments below.
Until next time, stay blessed!
Oh, and a belated happy new year too! 🙂
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13 thoughts on “Walking Towards A Happier You!

  1. Wow ❤ How much more similar could we get Chetna ? !! 😁
    I love walking as well and make sure to go for an evening walk every single day. It just instantly boosts my mind.
    Yet again, one great article did you .
    Keep going this way. 🙂

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  2. Agreed. Even i enjoy walking and if its around the seaside its an added bonus 🙂
    Same case also with me that walking helped me know more areas around our place

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  3. Agreed. Even i enjoy walking and if its along the seaside then its bonus !
    I also got to know about few areas near our place due to walking

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  4. You are true. Walking is just more than an excersise it will make us to cherish nature’s beauty if we are walking in nature’s abode or explore every nook n corner of the city near by. As you exactly put it – walking gives a interrupted session with partner you are walking with. Even I loved walking with walking with my mother.

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  5. You are true. Walking is just more than an excersise it will make us to cherish nature’s beauty if we are walking in nature’s abode or explore every nook n corner of the city near by. As you exactly put it – walking gives a uninterrupted session with partner we are walking with. Even I loved walking with walking with my mother.


  6. Walking is a part of my daily routine😀.This activity gives me a lot of positive vibes apart from health benefits. I love to walk early in the morning when the roads are free from vehicles. I walk watching the sky, stars, moon and love to listen to the busy activity of birds, chirping birds, early morning activity of milk man, paper boys…the list goes on and on and I get to learn a lot from these people. I see these people greet me with a very cheerful mood
    (though they get up at 3am to collect milk and paper).
    I can go on and on writing about walking.
    One thing I would like to mention is I get to know so many people on my walking route, some familiar faces and some new faces, usually mid aged are in abundance but sometimes I get to see youngsters.😀
    My walking companions are my best walking shoes, my mi band( fitness band) 🤩and the most wonderful partner is my daughter 😍 . We discuss a lot lot issues during our walking session. Best walking day is Sunday evening when the vehicles are less on road and we go on walking.
    Thank you very much for sharing a wonderful blog post.

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