Teri Laadki Main

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but shell never outgrow your heart. ~ Unknown
Among the many relationships which we have in our entire lives, there is no other like a daughter and her parents. This post is dedicated to all those who have daughters (and sons and daughters-in-law like daughters). Take this as a message from your daughters, dear parents. 🙂
This post is based on my feelings about one of the most cherished songs in my music collection. Laadki from Coke Studio. When I first heard the song, I was awestruck! The first half of the song has been sung by the particular music composer, Sachin Sanghvis own daughter. The rawness and purity which dripped from her voice stole my heart. The song is a message. A message from a daughter to her father. Please do listen to this melody here.
To bring to your notice, whatever is written below is my interpretation of the song, and NOT the translation. I have added the spellbinding lyrics in italics.
Dori Yeh Kheenchi Dori, Palne Ki Tune Mori, Mere Sapno Ko Jhulayaa Saari Raat
The invisible string of love is what binds us together. You rocked me to sleep. Spent sleepless nights just so that I could grab a shut eye. You nurtured my dreams, hopes, and ambitions. You were the one who goaded me to move ahead and do all that I wished to. As the years went by, my ambitions changed. What did not change is your ever-present smiles and pride that shone in your eyes, even at my tiniest achievements.
Bhale Bagiya Teri Chhodi, Bhale Nindiyaan Teri Chori, Bass Itti Si Yaad Tu Rakhiyo Meri Baat
I have let you down at times, thrown tantrums, and let me have my way. But you never showed your disappointment. There will come a time when I will leave home, leave the comfort of your laps. There will come a time where I will be on my own, facing the big bad world, without you to hold my hand and pat my back. There will come a time when I will not have your shoulders to lean on and offload all my worries and anxiety.
Teri Laadki Main, Chhodungi Na Tera Haath

Always remember, this daughter of yours will be there by your side forever. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, in this world is more important than you, the people who have my heart, who reside within me all the time. How is it that we understand each other without even saying a word? Maybe that’s why it is said, that a child and her parents are one soul.
Always remember, this daughter of yours will never leave your hands for anything in this world. That’s because you are my world.

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9 thoughts on “Teri Laadki Main

  1. I can relate to everything you’ve written. Daughter’s never leave their parents no matter what. We back our parents in every scenario. We want to see them smile and they want us to be happy. Parents of own and spouse will always be our first priority.
    Beautiful message chets. Loved it.
    It got me a little emotional and it’s of joy of being a daughter ❤️

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