Home Is Where The Heart Is

It’s a normal day, my phone is buzzing with notifications. Mostly they are SMSs and WhatsApp messages. But yesterday night was different. One notification. And it brought a faint smile across my face. It was from “Terribly Tiny Tales”, a pioneer of short stories on social media. I have a profile on their application and I write short pieces and poems often. Coming back to the notification, it said: “what does home mean to you?”
I couldn’t wait to write something about this on The Soulful Nib. And so, here it is!
  1. Home is the sense of calm that descends when you snuggle up inside your blanket.
  2. Home is where you can be yourself truly, and put on your craziest face forward.
  3. Home means your parents’ smiles when you’re back home at the end of the day.
  4. Home means curling up on a weekend with a favourite book and a cup of tea.
  5. Home is where no one judges you for anything that you do.
  6. Home is changing into the comfiest clothes without caring how you look.
  7. Home is seeing a loved one after a gap of many days, and the joy they bring along.
  8. Home is reminiscing about good old memories from childhood.
  9. Home is the comfortable silence which you share with your family.
  10. Home is a safe haven you can escape to when things get overwhelming.
  11. Home is when you lose track of time doing things you truly find happiness in doing.
Think. Ponder. Reflect. What does home mean to YOU? Please do leave comments.
I would love to know. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. Excellent. Home is made with love, affection. Agree with all the lovely statement you have jotted with so much of love towards Home.
    Keep it up 😍

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  2. When we are away from home, the feeling we get is very terrible. Thinks always to be at home as early as possible. The real meaning of this feeling is what you have described in a very nice way.

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