Of Memories

Hello readers!
We love clicking pictures on our phone and revisiting them much later. There’s something about pictures which bring back a rush of memories.
Now, we have all our pictures stored on our phones and other devices, which can be accessed at any time and anywhere.
If you are a millennial (people born in the 1980s and 1990s), you will surely remember getting pictures clicked in the photo studio. The whole process of getting a picture clicked was a grand affair. Donning on the best of your clothes and accessories, you would be excited beyond words. And the eagerness with which you would wait for the pictures to get developed was worth all the wait.
Then came the most awaited part. Getting a new set of albums and filing all the pictures developed into them.
I do remember how my mother would neatly file all the pictures and write down quirky and funny captions below each of the pictures! Once all that was done, we would sit together and enjoy poring over the photos, laughing at the memory of any funny incident that happened when a particular picture was clicked. Sometimes even laugh at funny pictures of us.
The best part, however, is preserving all those albums and going over them many years later.
Every now and then, I love to get out the huge stack of albums out of the cupboard and relive all those good memories. Nostalgia would be on an all-time high. The huge grin on my face fails to wipe off as I leaf through the albums, one by one.
Sometimes, I break into a laughing fit at how my brother and I looked as kids, the kind of clothes we wore, and so many other hilarious moments associated with them. To put it in other words, I would go back in time, relive those memories, and become a child all over again.
Some pictures get mouldy as time goes by. Yet, the memories associated with them remain in the heart forever.
Yes, we surely have grown with time. Now we access pictures in a matter of seconds from our phones. Cloud storage has made it easier to access pictures from any device.
What hasn’t changed is the warm and welcome feeling that washes over us when an old picture shows up. Exhilarating feelings, as they say!
Do you like going back to old pictures? Do let me know in the comments 🙂

6 thoughts on “Of Memories

  1. Since there were no possibility of thousand take for a photo, it was indeed fun and excitement while going to a studio. Even more exciting is to go through those photos because it reminds of the moment when we entered into the studio with curiosity…

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  2. Indeed photo album is a treasure which all can cherish . In our days the camera came with a film roll and photos were restricted to numbers and we needed to carry extra roll to click new photos. Even going to a studio to click photo was supposed to be a big event and it was similar like waiting for exam results , to see the developed photos😂
    All the photos clicked during earlier days are very precious and your blog post has brought back good ,sweet memories of my childhood days.😂

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