To Plants, With Love (A Poem)

Hello there! It's been more than a month into lockdown now. While at home, I presume that we've all developed one new hobby or pastime which we have begun to enjoy. For me, this was gardening. I consider myself lucky to be living in a house which has the most beautiful garden around it. I… Continue reading To Plants, With Love (A Poem)

A Perfect Moment

This post is a part of Notes from The Soulful Nib. What's your perfect moment? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 Instagram: The Soulful Nib Illustration Source: Pinterest Image created via Canva

It’s Okay

Dear all, In testing times like this, where stress levels are shooting up, where loneliness is embracing us tightly, it is normal to feel low and wistful. It’s okay to feel drained of energy and low. It’s okay if you do not feel productive each day. It’s okay if you have not learnt anything new… Continue reading It’s Okay

A Gift In Writing

Not more than a few decades ago, communication wasn’t as quick and instant as it is now. People would write letters to their loved ones staying in different corners of the world. The exchange of letters back and forth, the excitement on seeing a new letter in the mailbox, the eagerness to open the envelope… Continue reading A Gift In Writing

Lockdown Lessons (Guest Post)

The lockdown has given us enough time to ponder and reflect over a lot of things. Here's a lovely blog post written by my mother. She has penned down all that she has learnt in this regard. Man is a social being. People thrive in this society by socialising, communicating with others and keeping relations,… Continue reading Lockdown Lessons (Guest Post)

Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Hello readers! With a rise in the Coronavirus Pandemic across the globe, we’re all cooped up inside our houses for quite a few weeks. With this, we’ve seen a lot of social media posts centring around making use of this opportunity to build new habits. So many challenges are bombarding the internet that a person… Continue reading Slow Progress Is Still Progress