The Language of Kindness

2020 has not been a great year so far, by any means. Just when I was hoping that the rest of the year will go about without any other hiccups, in came the news of the death of one of the few people I truly admired, Sushant Singh Rajput.

His untimely death has left me numb and unable to comprehend what is even happening these days. Suddenly there is an influx of posts on social media where people are speculating the root cause of his death. A lot of posts say that he was under depression and had no one to share his thoughts and worries with. Well, I do not know what is true and what isn’t. The only harsh truth is that he is no more and it is devastating.

If what sources say are true about him having been lonely, I wonder whether a tiny act of kindness and compassion towards him would have avoided what has happened.

Compassion towards each other is gradually diminishing with each passing day. Almost everybody has to keep blaming someone or the other for everything that ensues. But rarely do we try to be kind to each other.

They say that charity begins at home. And so, the journey of being kinder to others begins with being kind to yourself first. We are just too harsh on ourselves these days. We constantly try to get our lives together, ensure that everything is perfect and blame ourselves miserably when things don’t go as per our plans. Mistakes happen and that’s the way we learn. So why can’t we forgive ourselves and stop being so hard-hearted?

At the same time, saying a kind word or two once in a while to the people in our lives helps in strengthening our relationships. Be it our family, friends, colleagues, employees and the others in the community, they all deserve a bit of compassion. Everyone does.

By no means do I mean that we have to go out of the way and be all extravagant in displaying our affection to others. A smile, a genuine word of appreciation and even exchanging hearty pleasantries do the trick just as well.

One of my closest friends and a fellow blogger wrote a beautiful blog post recently about how just giving a patient ear to our dear ones can go a long way. Read it here: The Ear That ‘Listens.’

Sometimes just being there to listen to someone who is worried or anxious about something can mean the world to them. Not all conversations have to end up with seeking advice.

We are busy folks, always hustling and trying to reach newer milestones. But every once in a while, reaching out to your close companions works wonders. Sending across a simple ‘how have you been doing?’ message to your friends is all it takes. This only gives them a reassurance that you are thinking of their well-being.

A quote by Steve Maraboli goes like this: “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

How very true is that! I keep repeating the phrase in a lot of my blog posts and I will repeat it again because it is SO important. It is the little things that matter at the end.

Be kind. Be compassionate. To yourself and to others.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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