A New Sense of Calm

The monsoons are slowly setting in. I love the rains! They make everything look so much greener and fresher. Here’s one of my older posts about Monsoons.

Just the sound of rain in itself is so soothing to the ears. Is it just me or does everybody else find the nature become still soon after a downpour?

The other day I was lazing around on my favourite chair and reading a lovely book. The stillness and calm that I experienced was splendid! As I looked up from my book, I saw the beauty that lay in front of me. 

The trees looked so bright and happy, swaying at the gentle breeze. What caught my ear though, was the enthusiastic chirping of the birds. In fact, as I am typing this blog post I can hear the mellifluous twitter of at least a couple different birds right outside my house.

Often we tend to ignore our surroundings and the magic it brings along. 

One of my favourite quotes of all time goes like this:
“The Earth has music for those who listen” ~ William Shakespeare

I always loved the quote but almost never experienced it until that very afternoon. It was honestly, one of the most surreal experiences for me. The best music is not found anywhere but in nature. 

It is only when we stop short from whatever we’re so busy in doing, and give a keen ear to what it has to say. Not just the birds, I often tend to hear the low hum of the waves of the sea (since I stay in a coastal city). 

Mindfulness is all the fad these days. Earlier, I would shun it and seldom give much thought about how it can improve my life. But instances like these make me feel that being mindful and aware of our surroundings can work wonders. 

There truly is so much that nature has to offer, but unfortunately, it has just a few takers. Connecting with the minute details in nature can bring about a sense of peace and calm you might have never imagined to even feel. 

Try it. The next time you’re sitting outdoors, listen to the birds chirping and any other “sounds of nature”. They will be the most soothing melodies to your ears.

Until next time, stay blessed!

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