Good Things Take Time

A lot of my blog posts are inspired by the books I read and this one is no different.

A little while back, I read this beautiful and wisdom-packed book called “Good Vibes, Good Life” by Vex King. A lot of the passages in the book made me pause and ponder. The author spoke about the concept of the “quick-fix society” in one of the chapters. And that’s what today’s blog post will be about.

One of the most precious things we have in our lives is time. Time is something that once lost can never be restored again. Every second matters. We’ve all grown up with the mindset of not wasting time. And rightly so.. we’ve got so much to do and so many goals to achieve that we should utilise time judiciously.

The popular saying, “Time and tide wait for none” is known to all. We’ve taken this a bit too seriously and are trying to do a lot of things in a short span of time.

The “quick-fix” mindset that the author speaks about makes the reader think about how we’ve gotten around to finding instant solutions to all our problems. We want our desired results quickly with the least efforts. But aren’t we missing out on something very crucial here? Patience.

If there’s anything that we want to achieve or have, we must learn to be patient with time. Sure we can get results by taking shortcuts. But that would mean compromising on something or the other. If we want to achieve overnight results, more often than not, they will lead to average results.

Every big idea started with a small seed of thought. But they did take months (or years) to materialise. Rome was not built in a day and neither can you nor I desire to get quick results.

The one example I can think of is the whole weight-loss industry that is thriving these days. You must have definitely come across articles or advertisements on the internet which spoke of how you can lose ’n’ number of kilograms within ’n’ number of days. Natural human instincts entice us to find overnight solutions to look our best.

But for all that we know, these quick-fix weight-loss solutions fail more often than we thought they will. If you want to lose weight, it is important to be patient and consistent.

The entire process of waiting for results to show just to the experience. Savouring each and every tiny win in going ahead on achieving our milestones makes the journey more enjoyable.

Good things take time and it is not wrong to take things slow. Of course, procrastinating isn’t what I’m suggesting. If there are days when you do not feel like it, there is no point in forcing yourself to work. What matters is that you remain consistent and move ahead, even if it is a little each day. Small droplets together make an ocean.

We all deserve to live our best lives, no compromises on that. So while at it, it would be wise to be patient and move towards success and happiness.

One very apt analogy I can think of is how plants grow. For the first few weeks after planting the seed, you do not see any change in the pot, despite watering it with great care every single day. But one fine day, a blade of green pops out of the soil. And soon you see the plant growing beautifully.

The same applies to our lives too. Each small idea and thought we have is a seed waiting to be sown. Once done, you have to give it time, work bit by bit. It may seem like you are going nowhere closer, but one fine day, it will all come together.

With time, everything falls in place. 🙂

Until next time, stay blessed!

5 thoughts on “Good Things Take Time

  1. Patience is the one thing which gives everything, when practiced in life.

    Nice point you have pondered which is very much lack in today’s world.

    Keep writing…..

    Liked by 1 person

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