Social media is such a necessity in our lives these days. It is next to impossible to imagine a day without going on social media and scrolling through our feeds.

A certain book I read spoke about an experiment conducted with a set of people. The group was put in an isolated room and was given the option to either stay away from their phones or receive a mild electric shock. Astonishingly, majority of them chose the latter. They preferred getting shocks rather than not checking their phones. What the study proved was that we’ve grown so accustomed to always having our phones as a source of killing boredom that passing time without them seems unimaginable.

Social media has been a great tool to connect with our friends and family. Not to mention, a lot of people earn their livelihood entirely based on social media (YouTubers, Content Creators etc.). The opportunities to work in varied fields have expanded manifold, thanks to social networking sites. But it also comes with certain downsides. People are getting increasingly agitated and burned out. We scroll through our Instagram feeds and subconsciously compare our lifestyles with our peers. The vicious chain never seems to end.

The recently released Netflix Documentary, The Social Dilemma created a buzz almost instantly. Curious to figure what the hype around it was, I went ahead and watched it too. It brought to fore the darker and scarier side of social media. True that humans created these sites, but it has grown so rapidly over time that the tables have turned now. We have turned puppets in the hands of social networks. The documentary shows clips of how everything that you see on your screens is placed there for you to see. What you see on your feed is not the same as what your friend sees.

It is quite a normal phenomenon. We wake up, unlock our mobile phones just to check for any new messages or notifications. The next thing we know is that 30 minutes have passed by.

This is not a blog post to scare the living daylights of people. It is just a tiny wake-up call.

By no means am I telling you to completely go off social media. We all deserve some source of entertainment and relaxation at the end of the day. We all need to keep in touch with our friends and family. It IS essential. But we can always keep a watch on how much of our time is consumed by them, isn’t it?

The first question that will arise in our mind is, “What else can I do?” Well, surprise surprise! There are so many activities out there which do not need you to you use your phones (or at least limit the use).
If you love reading, getting yourself a Kindle will be one of the best investments. Or buy an actual book and get reading. You won’t realise the time pass by.
Take a few hours and curate a playlist of music you absolutely love listening to, download them so that you can listen without the internet, plug in your earphones and lose yourself in the world of music!
Under normal circumstances, I would suggest going out for walks or spending time exploring your city. But with the prevailing situation, it is better to stay safe than sorry.
Disconnect to connect. Spend time with your family. Or make a call to that friend who stays miles away from you. Instead of sending text messages, call them and talk to your heart’s content.
The options are endless to spend time away from technology.

Find a balance by disconnecting regularly. You’ll be astounded how refreshed you’ll feel. It will work wonders to your mood. A tiny reminder though, is to start small on this journey.

Until next time, stay blessed!

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Image via Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Unplug.

  1. Once again a lovely article from your kitty, dear Chetana. Yes, it’s a fact that this generation is getting consumed by the hungry social media. One has understand the limit…
    Keep writing and enlighten your readers with such real-time articles!

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  2. Good article. Loved the phrase “disconnect to connect”.
    This is called FOMO or Fear of Missing Out.
    This social media and all the sensationalism has created two types of human personality, one real ourselves and the other for social media. Unfortunately the other side is getting dominant now.
    Never imagined that we now require laws around using our social media safely !
    I agree with all mentioned points to limit our screen time by disconnecting.

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