Imagination Creates Reality

For this Children’s Day, I decided to write a blog post on something that encapsulates the life of a child. Imagination.

Rewind to your childhood days, do you remember vividly imagining pictures in your mind while reading or listening to stories? Ask a child what he/she wants to be when they grow up, and the answers are so wonderful and different! Those little minds see the world larger than life, and fill it up with the most imaginative descriptions.

There’s a saying, “To each, his own.” We all have the right to express ourselves individually. But somehow in the path to becoming adults, we lose that individuality and get accustomed to living our lives on the basis of what the rest of the world is doing. The instruction manual on what we should and should not do buries our imagination underneath. 

The Bollywood movie, The Sky Is Pink, has a scene where the son comes crying to the mother, telling that his teacher scolded him for using a pink crayon to colour his sky instead of a blue one. His mother explains that it is he who decides what colour he wants to use. If according to him, the sky is pink, so shall it be. What a beautiful thought! 

Quoting a line from the classic children’s book, The Velveteen Rabbit“Everything that is real was imagined first.” Think about it. Whatever ideas and solutions that we have right now have surfaced from someone’s thinking. Isn’t that enough  proof that we should always let ourselves imagine and ideate? You never know what you end up with!

It may seem silly to think of using your imaginative skills as a fully grown adult. You may wonder what benefit would it bring to you, to your work and to your life? For sure I do not mean to tell you to start using colouring books (though it is a tempting AND relaxing idea!). There are endless possibilities of turning your life around only by putting on your thinking caps. 

We all have certain goals we wish to achieve, milestones to reach. Yet more often than not, it usually ends up just being a thought. Instead, if we visualise what we will feel on achieving that goal, it gets easier to move ahead. There is a concept called “Vision Board” wherein you put together your goals and ideas (whether in writing or using images) for future. 

The exercise has shown wonderful results to people who have tried it. Imagining what you will do, where you will be, how will you feel on reaching your milestone in itself motivates a person to move forward in their journey.

A few decades ago, the idea of operating your mobile phone without buttons would seem impossible and unbelievable. Steve Jobs thought, “Why not?” and when the Apple iPhone released, the whole world was dumbfounded. Almost everyone owns a touchscreen phone today, and it all happened because Steve Jobs imagined.

Maybe your ideas will not shake the world like it did for Jobs, but letting yourself loose could improve and enrich your own life. 

Children are your best teachers. Observe the way a child thinks and visualises. Maybe in doing so, you get inspired to go back in time! Let go of the baseless statement that imagination dies once you grow up. Like creativity, imagination is embedded in each one of us.

Think. Explore. Ask. 

Until next time, stay blessed!

Wishing the child within you a very happy Children’s Day. 😄

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