A Break Is All You Need

Hello dear readers!

Ever since I created The Soulful Nib, I’ve been very regular and consistent in writing blog posts every month. There have been months when I published a blog post every week. Yes, consistency is something I believe in the most. That’s how we progress. But at times, letting go and taking things slow are equally important.

A couple of months ago, I sprained my leg quite badly. The pain if not unbearable, has been very troublesome. This left me feeling quite low and moody at all times. Initially, I would feel terrible for not being to keep my energy levels high. There would be days I would try to work all day like I wished to, but it was too hard and exhausting.

It was after a couple of weeks that I realised I’m being too harsh on myself. Keeping unrealistic expectations of remaining productive and busy all day, when I knew, that I could not. I was taking myself a bit too seriously and tried to make things work.

It was then that I had an epiphany. As long as I got my work done, there was no one pressurising me to slog hard. It was my own assumption that I had to work a certain way to gain that satisfaction of a job well done. That’s when I started working smarter, rather than harder.

It’s been around 3 months now and I’m still recovering from the pain. I’ve made my health a priority now before anything else. And it is working wonders!

Unrealistic presumptions that working all day are doing more harm than good. I’ve even heard of a lot of people who look down upon others who dare to tell that they want a break.

It took me so long to understand this: You are enough. You are doing just well the way you are. You do not have to push yourself till the extent of burning out. Do your work, and do it diligently. But do not hesitate to take a step back when you know you cannot. There’s no shame in saying “I need a break.”

There’s an urgent need to normalise taking breaks and giving ourselves some time off. Quoting a few lines from an older guest post, Rest. Recover. Resume. (Guest Post) by my brother,
“It is okay to stop. It is okay to take a break. For a few seconds, days or weeks. It is okay.
As long as you are taking a break with a purpose, it is fine. Set lofty goals. Stretch your physical and mental abilities. There is immense satisfaction to be gained from these pursuits. But always remember to take a break when you feel like it.

We take ourselves too seriously all the time. And this comes from a girl who is always trying to keep herself busy. There are beauty and joy in letting yourself loose at times. Rest assured, you will be back on your feet more refreshed and recharged than ever before. Almost all our devices work well on unplugging for a while, and the same holds true for us.

I am on the road to recovery now with my leg healing at its own pace. I cannot wait to get back to my regular exercise routines, which are now on hold for quite a few months. But it will get back to normal in due time. I know I’ll get back to it all with a renewed enthusiasm and energy. That’s because I allowed myself to take a break and loosen up.

So the next time, do not feel any guilt or shame in taking a break when you want to. It’s all worth it. YOU are worth it!

You are enough.

Until next time, stay blessed and stay healthy! ♡

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